Fresh Press Media is an influencer marketplace designed to help bloggers and social media influencers turn influential content into a source of income, without compromising your style, voice, or integrity. Fresh Press Media, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FMTC, LLC who has been providing enterprise-level solutions to publishers since 2007.

What Makes Fresh Press Media Different

Fresh Press Media is an influencer marketplace that simplifies the connection, payment and communication for influencers and advertisers.

  • We’re not an agency. (If you are, we’d love to be your technology partner!)
  • We’re not a blogger outreach service.
  • We’re not a list or a network you join and sit, waiting to be chosen for a campaign.

We have easy-to-use tools to help influencers and advertisers connect, communicate and exchange payments. We build the tools, and we get out of your way.

Like marketplaces in other industries, we’re here to give you a place to go when you want to connect with others around a niche, a campaign or an idea…

  • Like eBay, but instead of sellers and collectors of teapots – tea enthusiasts and brands.
  • Like upWork, but instead of freelancers and employers – bloggers and advertisers.

Differences Influencers Will See

Bloggers and social media influencers, you’ll notice a difference when you:

  • Build an automatically-updated profile – no self-reporting. Connect your blog and social profiles and we’ll keep the stats up to date for you.
  • Define spheres of influence for all of the niches your life touches – we know you’re not one-dimensional. So, customize your profile with spheres of influence across your niches – one for lifestyle, another for travel, another for food… you get the picture!
  • Get paid. Payments on all campaigns you participate in are guaranteed. We collect the funds before the advertiser can even bring you into a campaign – so if you do the work, the money will get added to your account. No invoicing and no chasing payments.
  • Get your business out of your email box. Connect with advertisers, message about campaigns and get paid without an avalanche of email to keep up with and follow-up with.

Differences Advertisers Will See

Advertisers, you’ll notice a difference when you:

  • Get creative – there’s no risk. Launch your campaign, review applications and bids and ONLY pay when you find the right influencer.
  • Spend as little or as much as you’d like. There is no minimum spend per month, post, per tweet, per review. Negotiate the rate with the influencer, and pay it – whatever it is.
  • Let us handle the money and the paperwork. We’ll do the dirty work of paying out influencers and reporting all of the tax details.
  • Get out of the blogger’s crowded inbox. How much time and effort are you spending on blogger outreach for the hopes of getting a blogger to respond? Cut to the chase, create a campaign in our marketplace where the bloggers are going to manage their campaign work. Ditch the numbers game and the back-and-forth emails.