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Fresh Press Media presents your campaign to thousands of Bloggers & Social Media Influencers to find your perfect match.

How it Works

Launching your influencer marketing campaign, recruiting bloggers, managing bids and communicating with your influencers is simple with Fresh Press Media.

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Fill in the blanks to create your opportunity.

We'll Recruit Influencers

We’ll advertise your opportunity to our contacts and beyond.

Influencers Submit Bids

Influencers will tell you how much they’d like to be paid to participate.


Negotiate Bids

Easily approve, deny or negotiate the bids.

Influencers Submit Proof

Influencers complete the work and submit proof.

Check Their Work

You accept or reject their work – they aren’t paid until you say it’s okay.

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Flexible Compensation Models

Reward Influencers with flat fees, products, affiliate commissions, or a combination of all three.

Paid Placements

– Payout Structure: A flat fee for the placement
– Payout Mechanism: Fresh Press Media
– Our Fee: 20% of the amounts paid to influencers

Affiliate Commissions

– Payout Structure: A flat fee (typically $1 – $50) for the placement plus ongoing commissions through your affiliate program
– Payout Mechanism: Fresh Press Media for the flat fee and your affiliate program for the commissions
– Our Fee: 20% of the paid placement fee paid to influencers, and an 80/20 split of affiliate commissions


– Payout Structure: A flat fee for the placement plus your product or service
– Payout Mechanism: Fresh Press Media for the flat fee
– Our Fee: 20% of the paid placement fee paid to influencers and of the value of the product awarded


  • No upfront fees
  • No ongoing subscriptions
  • You ONLY pay when you find the right Influencers for your campaign
  • $250 minimum deposit in your account to launch a campaign
  • We employ a pay-for-performance model. You will be charged 20% of the amounts you pay out to influencers. (So, if your total payout is $100 for a sponsored post, you’ll be charged $120. $20 stays with us and we pay out $100 to the influencer.)
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Advertiser FAQs

Answers to the questions we hear most often from new advertisers.

How do you handle campaigns that are paid with affiliate commissions?

We join your affiliate program and create sub-IDs for each influencer you choose for your campaign. We supply them with the encoded links to use in their posts. Activities and commissions will come through our affiliate account with you. You’ll pay us just like you do any affiliate, and we’ll split the commissions with the Influencers based on sub-ID.

Can I see some sample Influencers before I launch a campaign?

Sure thing! You can actually see all Influencers that have created profiles. Simply signup for an account (it’s free) and create your profile. You’ll see a link to view Influencers.