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Influence Isn’t Always About Reach

Authenticity and Creativity are Just as Valuable Did you know that influencers can be a creative source of content? When advertisers first starting thinking about influencer marketing, they are typically thinking about benefits in terms of reach in traffic and exposure. … Read More


Come See a Live Fresh Press Media Demo

We’ll be starting off the new year with a trip to Las Vegas to attend the annual Affiliate Summit West conference. This show brings together over 5,000 performance based marketing professionals for three days of learning, networking and a bit … Read More

Product Compensation and Pricing Update

For any of our advertisers looking to manage product reviews with influencers, we’ve now added product compensation to the marketplace. If you’ve been in the Marketplace over the last month, you’ve noticed we have made a lot of changes to … Read More

How to Tell if an Influencer has Influence

I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but one of the biggest mistakes we see advertisers making when they choose influencers to work with is focusing only on the influencer’s traffic and follower numbers. It seems that advertisers believe that … Read More

Influencer Marketing Days Preview

Next week, I’ll be speaking at an Influencer Marketing Days, a two-day event dedicated to Influencer Marketing strategies for advertisers and agencies. Though I’m speaking, I’m planning on learning quite a bit at this event. Influencer Marketing is growing, maturing … Read More

Announcing Two Approved Influencer Marketing Agencies

Creating partnerships with influencer marketing agencies has been one of my top priorities since launching the Fresh Press Media Marketplace. Our team is great at creating simple yet powerful platforms that help advertisers and publishers connect and do business. We’re great at automating tasks … Read More