#Blog:30 Build Your Email List Challenge

What could you accomplish in just 30 minutes per day? Let’s find out! Join us for our first #Blog:30 challenge when we will work together to launch (or revamp) your email campaign. In this challenge, we will set aside just … Read More

Mommy Bloggers

Dear Mommy Bloggers, You Have a Choice to Make

Wow, Josie Denise really hit a nerve. And I totally get it. She completely disparaged an entire industry, then immediately deleted everything linking to her character prior to her tasteless rant. Who even is this person? What if there’s some … Read More


Announcing: Performance Based Blogger Campaign Service

We’re happy to announce a new performance based blogger campaign service that will allow you to work with the bloggers and social media influencers in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace on a performance basis. Combining the tracking and reporting of … Read More

mothers day gift guide

Promote Your Gift Guide & Grow Your List!

Can you even believe that Mother’s Day is on Sunday?! Me either. May really snuck up on me. Time got away from many of us, but thankfully all was not lost! Fresh Press Media teamed together with about 25 Marketplace … Read More


Improved Bid Panel for Advertisers

Blogger campaigns made simple with new bid management features in the Fresh Press Media Influencer Marketplace for advertisers and bloggers. … Read More

influencer marketing test

How Not to Run an Influencer Marketing Test

Don’t make this big mistake in running an influencer marketing test. Follow these 4 tips to ensure a true test with actionable results. … Read More