fresh press media pink ribbon shop

Pink Ribbon Shop – Breast Cancer Awareness

The Fresh Press Media “Pink Ribbon Shop” features deals and offers that promote the cause breast cancer awareness and research. Here’s how you can add these offers to your blog! … Read More

5 ways to prepare your blog for the holiday season

Five Ways to Prepare Your Blog for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an awesome opportunity to showcase your creativity while building up quality content and growing your audience. Here are 5 tips to prepare your blog for the holiday season. … Read More

Fresh Press Media Merchant Hub affiliate program directory

Merchant Hub: An Indispensable Tool For Bloggers and Affiliates

The Merchant Hub is what everybody knew should’ve been created, but wasn’t…until now. This post will show you how to quickly connect with nearly 10K merchants, find the brands you want to partner with, and monetize that relationship. Merchant Hub is your solution! … Read More

finished with boring emails

Bored? Get on board — with our new emails

Who said spring is the only season for something new? With autumn bringing in cold weather and bright leaves, but it is also bringing you “fresh” emails from us! Say hello to the personalized, value-packed email newsletter from Fresh Press Media! … Read More

blog engagement

Dear Diary, I Want Blog Engagement

Getting people to your site can be a challenge, but what do you want them to do once you get them to your post? Follow these 6 tips to encourage blog engagement from your readers. … Read More

3 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers

3 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers

The 4th quarter tends to be the busiest time for online influencers. We’re wrapping up our year, gearing up for holiday traffic, and reviewing what worked (and what didn’t) within our blog business. This is also the time of year when we get overwhelmed and make poor productivity decisions. Here are three simple productivity tips for bloggers. By making small changes to our routine, and deciding where to dedicate our time, we can make this last part of the year our most influential to date. … Read More