Answer These Questions Prior to Launching Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

On today’s episode of the Influence Matter’s Podcast, Amy Powell asks Kim Cashwell and FMTC CEO Rachel Honoway what questions advertisers need to answer prior to launching their next influencer marketing campaign. Learn how to set attainable goals that will help … Read More


What To Do When You Miss a Deadline

I’m guessing a lot of you are like me… you are BUSY. Balancing your own workload, managing your children’s school and activity schedules, getting meals on the table every day, keeping up your house and yard, taking care of the … Read More

Marketplace Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Marketplace Pricing In A Nutshell   We pride ourselves on transparency in everything we do. That includes pricing. We want you to understand what you’re paying for and how you’re paying for it. You may be expecting some intricate system … Read More

5 Types of Content

5 Types of Content: Which one is best for your brand?

Influencers Are More Than Just Bloggers   Are you looking for something new to spice up your influencer marketing game? Maybe you’re trying to decide what type of content you want from an influencer. If you’ve never hired influencers for … Read More

New Deliverable Type: Marketing Content

NEW: Hire Influencers To Create Marketing Content

Hire Influencers To Create Marketing Content   It’s finally here! Advertisers, you now have the ability to request “marketing content” as a deliverable type (in addition to the standard blog, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest posts). Instead of trying to outsource … Read More

5 Metrics to Evaluate Influence

5 Metrics (Besides Sales) to Evaluate Influence

Build On Prior Experience   Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have developed a successful affiliate program, you’ve taken the right steps in joining the Fresh Press Media Marketplace. Even with experience, this new market can have some hidden … Read More