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What Are the Best Monetization Strategies for Your Blog? Blog Survey

What Are the Best Monetization Strategies for Your Blog? Blog Survey There are two primary ways to create an income from your blogging efforts. Sell your own product Promote others’ products As you’ve probably already discovered, there are several ways … Read More

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September Blog Conferences

You can certainly be very successful in the digital world without ever leaving home, but blog conferences can be a big boost. They’re not a shortcut, more like a stepping stone… … Read More

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New Pod Features Help Turn Your Impact Into Your Reward

Fresh Press Media is continuously making updates that will help you deliver the most valuable content to your readers. Just a couple weeks ago we introduced a new Pod design, making our most popular tool even more appealing. Pods are … Read More

how to generate amazing blog post ideas

How to Generate Amazing Blog Post Ideas

Brain freeze occurs when we sit to think up blog post ideas that not only work for our niche but that our communities will love. There’s a simple 3-step process that will help you generate amazing blog post ideas for a whole year, in record time. … Read More

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Bloggers: Work Smarter, Not Harder with Fresh Press Media

Hey, fellow bloggers! Did you know that you’re missing out on affiliate commissions even though your readers are buying? This post will teach you how to work smarter and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. … Read More

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5 Must Use Work-Life Management Tips for Bloggers

Put these 5, MUST USE work-life management tips to work for you. Work/Life balance is an impossible dream. These tips will give you some tools that will allow you to be in control of your work and personal aspects of your life. … Read More


Excited About Type A NYC Bootcamp

We just returned from the Type A NYC Bootcamp and I am feeling excited about all the connections, lessons, and feedback we received from a roomful of dynamic influencers. The conference focused on Brand / Blogger relations and making the … Read More


Blogger Focused Tools Reveal New Features

Fresh Press Media is working hard so you don’t have to! Bloggers face the daily challenge of providing valuable content to their readers while earning a living. It is important to bloggers to focus on their readers and content. It … Read More

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Fresh Press Media : Free Unlimited Pods and More!

You know when you go to your favorite restaurant and see a new menu, but each new menu is also accompanied by a price increase? Well, this isn’t like that. We have a new “menu” at Fresh Press Media, but one of the highlights is that prices have been drastically dropped. Read this post to see all of the added features and more affordable pricing. … Read More

8 Tips To Conference Follow Up

How To Follow Up After a Blog Conference : 8 Essential Tips

Follow these eight essential tips to effectively follow up after attending a conference. Proper follow up will significantly increase your ROI of attending the event. … Read More