influencer marketing campaign timeline

Planning Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Timeline

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from new advertisers setting up an Influencer Marketing Campaign is “How long should my campaign last?” So, we put together this campaign timeline to show you how long a campaign might take, … Read More

wordpress plugins

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Beginner Bloggers

Blogging is overwhelming; especially if you are new to it. What is the best platform? How often do I post? What is my niche? The list goes on. When I started my blog 4 years ago I had no clue … Read More

How to Train Bloggers to Perform Like Affiliates

So, you’ve convinced some targeted niche bloggers to work with you in exchange for a nominal up front fee plus ongoing affiliate commissions instead of their standard sponsored post rate. The bloggers create the posts and share them on social … Read More

paid opportunity

4 Crucial Questions to Answer Before Bidding on a Paid Opportunity

Paid placement opportunities are a big part of the blogging business. Do you remember how you felt the first time you were offered money to write a blog post? Or perhaps you are just starting out and securing a sponsored … Read More


When Will a Giveaway Benefit Your Blog or Your Brand?

Giveaways attract a lot of attention! But, attention for the sake of attention isn’t always a good thing. A couple weeks ago we chatted with some of our amazing bloggers about what constitutes a successful giveaway. This post contains their … Read More

blogger affiliate case study

Case Study: $250, 16 Bloggers Turned Affiliates

Along with our goal of connecting advertisers and influencers – I have developed a personal mission: to build a bridge for bloggers to cross over into affiliate marketing. The affiliate space is my wheelhouse; it’s been my career home and … Read More