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March has been an exciting month of developments for Fresh Press Media. I think our advertiser friends are going to like the two newest additions to their dashboards:

  1. blogger directoryBrowse Influencers
  2. Browse Opportunities

The next time you login to your account, you’ll note two new options on the main navigation bar at the top of the page, “Influencers” and “Opportunities”. These will take you to searchable directories showcasing the people and campaigns available in the marketplace.

Plus – Influencers have the ability to Browse Advertisers – so you’ll want to be sure your profile looks great when they come looking.

directory of bloggersBrowse Influencers
(It’s a Blogger Directory!)

Let me warn you now… plan on losing all sense of time after you click on the Influencer link. This blogger directory is going to have you paging through results and dreaming up ideas for campaigns to run with these influencers.

Click through page after page, sort by name or choose categories to narrow down your results – like you see on the right. You can select a single category or multiple categories to find the influencers with coverage in the perfect mix of niches for your campaign.

We’ll give you verified stats about each Influencer so that you can get a good feel for their ability to drive traffic and influence their visitors.

Browse Opportunities

Take a look in the Marketplace at the campaigns that are currently running to get an idea of the kind of opportunities you could create to engage bloggers in working with your brand. Clicking on the “Opportunities” link will show you all of the advertisers that are looking for bloggers and social media influencers:

blogger campaign directory


Your Advertiser Profile

Of course, Influencers also received access to a directory of their own – to check out advertisers they may want to work with.

advertiser directory for bloggers

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to create your Product Lines so that bloggers can find you and message you with their ideas about working together.

Login now to check out these new directories and get your Product Lines setup!



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