Building Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

  Consider your long-term goals for influencers   Advertisers, it’s time to seriously consider how you invest in hiring influencers. An influencer is not an employee of your company, you don’t have them on your payroll, and you don’t have to worry about … Read More

influencer marketing seo backlinks

Can I Use Influencer Marketing for SEO Backlinks?

Can you use Influencer Marketing for SEO Backlinks? Yes. Should you… no. Even though Influencer Marketing is an emerging strategy and may be something new to your promotional lineup, it has been around long enough for search engines (Google specifically) to … Read More

Facebook Ad Tips to Boost Your Blog & Business

We asked the members of our blogging chat, #FreshChat if they ran ad campaigns to find new community members and grow their personal brand. Many responded yes, but most agreed that they were apprehensive. Do you relate to any of … Read More

working with influencers

4 Reasons You Need a Middleman

  How does Fresh Press Media benefit me as an advertiser?   Working with influencers can be tricky, time-consuming business. For those new to influencer marketing, it’s easy to make mistakes with consequences costing you money, time and possibly reputation. … Read More

direct sales from influencers

Why Influencers May Not Drive Direct Sales

Are you expecting direct sales from influencers? Though influencer marketing can lead to sales, a well-thought-out influencer marketing campaign will have a much larger affect on your overall marketing strategy than simple one-to-one direct sales.   Influencers aren’t salespeople (…and … Read More

engagement techniques

These Popular Engagement Techniques May Cause More Harm than Good

As bloggers we are constantly testing engagement techniques, looking for ways to increase our metrics. The bigger the stats, the bigger bucks, after all. One of the most effective methods to gaining numbers quickly is to participate in link ups, comment … Read More