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5 Ways to Narrow Down Your Influencer Bids

  5 Ways to Narrow Your Bids When Choosing Influencers in the Marketplace   There are multitudes of influencers out there. A number of them are in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace, waiting to partner with you. While overall this is … Read More

Blogger Tool Box: Media Kit

In the world of blogging you must toot your own horn a bit to gain followers. Meaning you must share your best work and gain their trust to keep reading. You also need to do the same when working with … Read More

successful blog january update

Build A Successful Blog January Update

January came and went rather quickly for me and looking back at this list I was extremely ambitious. I would call the month a success on a number of levels, however my action plan was a little more than I could … Read More

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How To Pitch an Influencer Marketing Campaign

A Guide for Agencies to Effectively Pitch an Influencer Marketing Campaign to Clients If your firm offers marketing services, you’ve undoubtedly had clients ask you about influencer marketing and blogger engagement. They want to see bloggers talking about their brand … Read More

4 Warning Flags That Influencer Marketing Might Not Work for You

If you’ve followed our blog for the last year, you know that we’re constantly running into advertisers who are jumping feet first into Influencer Marketing without stopping to learn how it works or to fully understand whether or not it will … Read More

3 Pieces of the Affiliate Marketing Puzzle You Might be Missing

Why are you bidding on Hybrid Opportunities in the marketplace? Does this scenario speak to you in one way or another? Meet Suzanne Suzanne is a lifestyle blogger who shares her experiences as a work at home mom juggling all … Read More