Influencer Marketing Days Preview

Next week, I’ll be speaking at an Influencer Marketing Days, a two-day event dedicated to Influencer Marketing strategies for advertisers and agencies. Though I’m speaking, I’m planning on learning quite a bit at this event. Influencer Marketing is growing, maturing … Read More

blogging pitfalls

7 Blogging Pitfalls You Must Avoid

“I love unsolicited blogging advice!” …said no one ever. Nonetheless, we’ve all been on the receiving end of this conversation. It’s crazy how many blogging “experts” are out there. While I’m certain everyone means well, I’m also certain that you … Read More

Announcing Two Approved Influencer Marketing Agencies

Creating partnerships with influencer marketing agencies has been one of my top priorities since launching the Fresh Press Media Marketplace. Our team is great at creating simple yet powerful platforms that help advertisers and publishers connect and do business. We’re great at automating tasks … Read More


Marketplace Update: Recruit Influencers to Your Opportunities

Advertisers and agencies, we’ve added a very simple yet very powerful feature that allows you to recruit influencers inside our Marketplace. I think you’re really going to like it! The simple part is that it’s just a button. The powerful part is that … Read More

Affiliate Summit

Make Successful Connections at Your Next Affiliate Summit

This post contains affiliate links where we may earn a small commission on any purchases made by clicking on the links provided. All opinions are our own. We are gearing up for Affiliate Summit West 2017! Every year we look … Read More

Marketplace Update: Easier Access to Past Influencer Interactions

Advertisers in our marketplace will be happy to know that we’re working on several improvements to their interface. These changes will be rolling out over the next few weeks. If you’re an advertiser with us, you’ll want to check out the … Read More