Gift guides are an effective way to earn income through affiliate links in your content. Many of us have already implemented a gift guide on our blog for the Holidays. That’s great! But, listen… posting your Holiday gift guide is just the first step of many you’ll need to take to turn it into profit. Without promotion, your gift guide is just another interesting blog post. You have roughly four weeks to create and incorporate a marketing plan that will inspire your visitors to purchase their gifts through your site. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Flashy

Readers come to your blog through a number of different sources. Don’t bury your gift guide so deep in your list of recent posts that no one knows it’s there. Create a fun and engaging banner to place in your header or sidebar. Invite your readers to check out your gift guide no matter what page they land on when entering your site.

Go Live

Do you remember Candace Payne and her Chewbacca mask? VIDEO IS POWERFUL. Choose items from your gift guide to feature on Facebook Live. Record as many videos as you have gift choices. Show your audience why you think the gifts on your list will make the people in their life happy.

Chat About It

Encourage conversation around your gift guide. This could be accomplished through a Twitter Chat, or asking questions in your Facebook posts, like what’s your top gift pick this year? Or post a separate “Review” post for each item in your gift guide that goes into great detail about the product.

Run an Email Campaign

Deliver your gift guide right to your community’s inbox! You can send it all at once, or stay in touch more frequently by featuring just a few items at a time. (Don’t get carried away, 1-3 emails are sufficient.)

Team Up

We all know the importance of community. Join forces with like-minded bloggers to share tips, set goals, and promote each other.


Many bloggers adhere to the 80/20 content rule. Which side of that percentage are you applying to promotion? Please, dear holiday figure of hope, let it be 80% promotion!

As you know, the next few weeks are prime shopping season and I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone is sneaking on the internet at least once a day to do some gifting research. How will you be there ready to help your community find the gifts that are perfect for the people in their life?

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