Next week, I’ll be speaking at an Influencer Marketing Days, a two-day event dedicated to Influencer Marketing strategies for advertisers and agencies. Though I’m speaking, I’m planning on learning quite a bit at this event. Influencer Marketing is growing, maturing and changing rapidly. This event is bringing in leaders from across the industry to discuss trends and share what is and isn’t working.

My presentation will be about negotiating with Influencers. Over the last year, we’ve run and watched several campaigns that both succeeded and failed in the negotiation process, so I have some actionable advice for advertisers to help them succeed.

Influencer Marketing Days Pre-Show Speaker Interviews

Leading up to the event, the organizer, Geno Prussakov interviewed speakers and asked some great questions about Influencer Marketing and how advertisers can and should employ the strategy.

Read my interview here to learn how I answered questions like:

  • What top 3 mistakes should advertisers be aware of as they look into getting their feet wet in/with influencer marketing?
  • What is the biggest overlooked influencer marketing opportunity, in your opinion?
  • With 2017 just around the corner, what would you recommend for advertisers to consider implementing as soon as Q4 is over (a New Year’s influencer marketing resolution of sorts)?

Check out insights from other speakers as well, including:

Geno has also conducted interviews with Influencer Marketing experts who weren’t able to speak at next week’s show, but have solid advice to share with anyone practicing the strategy. You’ll find them all on the Influencer Marketing Days blog.

If you’ll be at IM Days next week, let’s setup a time to chat! Reach me at

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