Review: Influencer Marketing Course

Because we work with affiliates, we may earn a small commission from purchases made through this link.   How can an influencer marketing course benefit advertisers?   Despite areas of crossover, influencer marketing differs from affiliate marketing in multiple ways. … Read More

Get What YOU Want

How To Get What You Want From Influencers

How To Get Results You Want From Influencers   Advertisers sometimes have open-ended or vague specifications about what they want to see from influencers. Without clear direction, it’s hard to be sure you’ll get the results you want. Use this as … Read More

influencer marketing test

How Not to Run an Influencer Marketing Test

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blogger directory

Browse Influencers and Opportunities

A searchable blogger directory showcasing the people and campaigns available in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace. … Read More


Influencer Marketing for PR Professionals

The following article was written by Jeannine Wheeler, Sr. Vice President, Pure Energy PR and was first published on FlackMe, a TalentZoo blog: Influencer marketing: just what is it and what do PRs need to know? Q&A with Rachel Honoway Just … Read More