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4 Must-Haves for your Cyber Monday Gift Guides

Follow these 4 must-have tips to create effective Cyber Monday gift guides.
Are you the type of person who will stand in line for a favorite toy/item at the crack of dawn just to get a deal on Black Friday? Me either. I’m probably still fast asleep from the turkey dinner coma from the day before. This is why I shop for my holiday deals on Cyber Monday.

I love shopping on Cyber Monday because, in a few clicks, I can have items purchased, wrapped, and shipped all within an hour. No lines, no pushing, no tug-of-war scenarios (not that I would ever do that) no bad weather to drive through. I can sit in my cozy house in my pj’s, and enjoy every sip of my morning coffee.
Not only am I an avid shopper on Cyber Monday, but I also make sure that my blog is prepared for those ready to do the same by offering simple gift guides.
A gift guide can be super simple, such as a list of your favorite items or as extravagant as an actual PDF magazine with pages of items. I like to keep it super simple and list my favorite nine items that I include affiliate links directing readers to where they can purchase the item(s). It’s a win-win; I can make a little coin for using affiliate links and my readers are happy because I’m making shopping easy for them!

Some important things to include in your gift guide:


    • A photo: It’s nice to see the item. I can mention a particular baking pan, and an image allows me to show the exact pan I am talking about.


    • A good price range: It’s beneficial to keep all budgets in mind. Keep your items simple to extravagant, such as ranging from $10 to over $100.


    • If using affiliate links, make sure they are working properly and are not broken. This will make sure your reader will not get frustrated and leave for another’s gift guide to shop.


  • Make sure you get your gift guide published at least a week before Thanksgiving. You can grab shoppers early and then send out reminders in your email and social media posts on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday!

If you have been thinking of putting together a gift guide for Cyber Monday, you still have time! Get those favorite items into a list and hit publish! Grab your coffee and bunny slippers and shop safe, my friends.