Influencers Are More Than Just Bloggers


Are you looking for something new to spice up your influencer marketing game? Maybe you’re trying to decide what type of content you want from an influencer. If you’ve never hired influencers for anything but a blog post, you could be missing your target audience’s favorite channel. We’ve broken down each content type with an explanation and a bonus tip. Next time you create an opportunity, consider incorporating two or more of these suggestions into your strategy. Don’t limit yourself: In the Marketplace, you can launch as many opportunities as you want with your $250 deposit — so don’t be afraid to have multiple opportunities at the same time.


Here are the options you can choose from:


  1. Blog Post

  • The classic blog post is a popular favorite among Marketplace advertisers. If you choose “blog post with social shares” as an option, the influencer will post a blog meeting your specifications and then share links to it on their social media accounts. Specifications can include word count, keywords or phrases you’d like included in the post.
    • Tip: Be careful not to confuse “blog with social shares” and a post specifically created for social media. This simply means the influencer will link to their blog post across social media as well. It does not involve creating a video or a graphic specifically tailored to social media — you can choose other options (listed below) if you’re looking for something tailored to social media.


  1. Twitter Post

  • This indicates a Tweet that is either supplied by the advertiser or original content from the influencer. Twitter ads generally run at a lower price than a blog post. A tweet does not take the same amount of time to create as a blog post, and it is not as prominent in a user’s feed for an extended period of time.
    • Tip: Consider a series of 7 tweets instead of just 1, spaced over days or weeks. This gives you better chances of reaching a wider variety of people, as well as showing the audience that the influencer is really enthusiastic about your brand. Remember, frequency is extremely important!


  1. Instagram Post

  • Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram ranks highest in generating brand engagement. Choose this option and the influencer will share an image or video only on Instagram. They may use a creative supplied by the brand, or design something themselves. Options can include — but are not limited to — a unique image, review or tutorial video.
    • Tip: When negotiating fees, keep in mind that original content will likely require a higher price than simply sharing a pre-made creative.


  1. YouTube Video

  • Video is the future of content marketing. Videos are notoriously popular on social media as well as the world wide web. Influencers are excited for a chance to showcase their creativity (and your products!) on video.
    • Tip: Use these popular ideas for video content that may fit your brand:
      • Cooking video with a recipe using your product
      • Makeup or skincare tutorial using your beauty products
      • Unboxing/review of your product
      • Testimonial video
      • Live demos
      • Vlog series
      • And more… your imagination is the limit!


  1. Marketing Content (New!)

    • Last week we went into detail about the types of marketing content influencers can produce for you. (If you missed it, don’t worry — you can catch up on the details here.) In a nutshell, influencers can create anything for you to use as marketing content. Popular options include any of the above: blog posts, images optimized for Instagram or Facebook, or YouTube videos. As a bonus, you get personal, authentic content that offers an intimate glance into the consumer’s life — something you just can’t buy anywhere else.
    • Tip: Be sure to get the rights to use the content for your own marketing purposes.


Our goal is to give you a better understanding of each type of content you can request from an influencer, and what potential benefits you can gain from it. If you have any further questions about campaign ideas, hiring influencers or anything else, please reach out at any time. Happy hiring!