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One of the most talked about ways to grow your community is to develop an email list. A good email list is a community of people that look forward to hearing from you each time you send them something. They like reading what you have to say. The content you provide them is valuable. This community appreciates your recommendations and will usually take them. In other words, your email list is your most valuable marketing resource. To top it off, you are the owner of your list and you control what and how you deliver content to your community.

How do you get started growing your email list? Great question! The best way to attract new subscribers is to offer an incentive, something in return for them giving you their email address. We’ve been talking a lot about developing an email list in the recent weeks. So, today I’ve wrapped up one of our Twitter chats that gave some great advice about choosing and creating your incentive to grow your email list. Check it out!

Q1: Are you currently using an incentive? What is it?


Creating an incentive doesn’t have to be difficult, but it has to be valuable to your readers. Take a look at the content that is already performing well on your site. Turn that content into an email series. Or perhaps you have an idea of something completely unique. That’s fine too! The important thing is that you choose something, then get busy organizing and creating it. Here are a few more ideas:

Q2 How did you choose your email incentive?


It’s true! This is your first impression when someone subscribes to your email list. Make it count. Even though the process doesn’t need to be complicated, don’t rush through it too fast either. Put yourself in the position of your readers to determine if what you’re offering is truly something of value.

Q3: What type of CTA do you use to promote your incentive?


There are lots of different ways to entice your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. The most important thing to remember is that you must deliver on your promises. Be sure they receive what you’ve offered and that you’re in contact with them consistently. If you promise to email once / month, then do it.

Q4: How do you deliver your incentive to your new subscribers?


Quickly, is best. Automatically, is necessary. Personally responding to every new subscriber will most definitely become a PITA (pain in the … you get the point.) Setting up a series of automated emails will help you keep in touch with your new subscribers efficiently, and consistently.

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