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Instagram’s New Features for Holiday Shopping 2018


Instagram is a favorite platform for sharing sponsored content, photos and links to shop products. As a result, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing. 

Since things change so fast in digital marketing, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s new. With Instagram, there are lots of new features unrolled lately. Notably, Instagram recently announced features to reduce influencer fraud, which is fantastic news for advertisers looking to partner with social media influencers.


Three New Features


A few days prior, Instagram rolled out some new features to make it easier for consumers to shop for the holidays. For any advertisers looking to hire Instagram influencers, you can take advantage of these new features during your next campaign. In addition to product stickers and shopping on the Explore page, Instagram users have three more options.


1. Save Products to Shopping Collection


The first new feature allows users to save products to their “shopping” collection. This handy feature may help increase conversions from your influencer campaigns on social media.


2. Shop Business Products Easily


Instagram also made it easier to shop a business’s products. If an influencer tags your business page on Instagram, it makes it easy for their audience to find and buy more of your products.


3. Shop via Video


Last, Instagram also made it possible for users to shop via video. By tapping a shopping icon in a video, you can see the products in the video and find out how to purchase them. Video is a fast-growing, favorite medium for influencers, and making it easy to shop through videos can help boost your influencer sales.

Read the details and view screenshots on all three new features here.




With these new features to make Instagram more shoppable, it’s a great choice to feature your new products. Whether it be fashion, home items or something else, these tools will make it easy for consumers to shop your products.