About Us

Fresh Press Media is breaking down the barriers between advertisers and their most powerful assets: real people employing word-of-mouth referral strategies. Our valued network of influencers has the ability to shape the conversation within your niches and communities in a meaningful way.

Join us in the marketplace when you want to connect with others around a niche, a campaign, or an idea. Our easy-to-use tools help influencers and advertisers make the right connections to build long-term growth through trusted relationships.

For Our Advertiser Partners…

Our influencer marketplace simplifies the connection, payment, and communication between advertisers and influencers. Choose the best compensation model to help you reach your end goal by rewarding Influencers with the right combination of flat fees, products, and affiliate commissions. We’re dedicated to helping Advertisers build long-term partnerships with influencers, increasing brand awareness and recognition across social platforms and beyond.

We launched two new products, entered three new geographic markets, and introduced our juices to a new chain of stores over the last year. We couldn’t have done it without the help of influencers around the stores. They were our boots on the ground. They took photos of the products in store, shared sale information on their social feeds, and created a buzz in their communities about our juices. We couldn’t have done it without the influencers, and we couldn’t have found those influencers without Fresh Press Media. We simply put together our requirements and stated what we wanted out of our campaign, and bloggers and social media influencers just started flowing in. Communicating with them, negotiating their fees, and even paying them was simple. We plan on relying on Fresh Press Media for future campaigns.

Indian River Select Brand Juice

For Our Network of Publishers…

We provide simple solutions to help bloggers and social media influencers turn your influential content into a source of income, without compromising your style, voice, or integrity. Find the right opportunities and tools to help you grow and manage your business relationships. Our team is passionate about connecting with each of you on a personal level to help you reach your income goals.

Fresh Press Media is an influencer marketplace with a goal to simplify the relationship between influencers and advertisers. The platform really reflects that goal. Everything I need to find, apply to, and fulfill a project is right there in one place. And when a project is completed I can request my payment.

Katharine Godbey

Work at Home Maven

Fresh Press Media, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FMTC, LLC who has been providing enterprise-level solutions to publishers since 2007.



Whether you’re a blogger, a social media influencer, or an affiliate, Fresh Press Media will connect you with the opportunities and tools you need to earn meaningful income with your creative content.



Fresh Press Media will help you connect with niche content creators including bloggers, social media influencers and affiliates who want to earn placement fees, products, and referral commissions.