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4 Reasons to Add Influencers to Your Marketing Strategy


Influencer marketing is a popular addition to marketing strategies. Some brands have influencer marketing as an afterthought. Others add it as a small subdivision of their affiliate programs. However, the case is clear that influencer marketing has many benefits. Consider allocating a larger portion of your budget to influencer marketing, and reap the rewards. Looking for some good reasons to do this? Here are a few:


1. Influencer Marketing is Easier Than Ever


There are a multitude of tools and platforms to aid you in your search for influencers. MediaRails and GroupHigh assist in discovery and connection with influencers. Even social media platforms now have ways to disclose brand partnerships directly within the post. Additionally, influencer marketplaces such as Fresh Press Media can help you with connection, payment and approval of sponsored content.


2. Influencer and Affiliate Marketing are Converging


Most brands with affiliate programs can easily transition into sponsored influencer content. Additionally, it’s popular to run hybrid affiliate-influencer campaigns, as influencers learn to monetize their content. Fresh Press Media provides an ideal platform to not only sponsor content, but provide affiliate links as well.


3. Influencers are Great PR


The right influencer can favorably boost your brand’s reputation and awareness. Micro-influencers have close relationships with their audience. Their audience is likely to trust the influencer’s recommendations more than a paid model or a TV advertisement. Influencers share your products in a way that is relatable, down-to-earth and shows the audience how to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Supporting bloggers shows the audience you care about honest reviews and great feedback as well.


4. Influencers Create Outside-the-Box Content


Influencers are super creative, and have lots of experience creating engaging content. Their content is tailored to appeal to a specific audience, and they’ve likely experienced a lot of trial-and-error to figure out what works best. Influencers are great at developing outside-the-box content, and find a way to make it personal. They weave their unique identity into each piece of content, that can’t be replicated by an advertising agency.


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