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If you’re an affiliate program manager, “recruit more bloggers” is likely one of the goals you’ve set this year, and one of the demands you’re hearing from your clients or your boss. But, recruiting bloggers is easier said than done. Many of them are just learning about affiliate marketing, and are a bit hesitant to “do affiliate.”

Bridging the Blogger – Affiliate Gap

Like you, we know that bloggers can become amazing affiliates and that as affiliates, they have the potential to earn a heck of a lot more than they do with one-time paid placements. So, we are on a mission to bridge the gap from blogger to affiliate.

We’ve been introducing the concept of performance-based opportunities to the thousands of bloggers in our influencer marketplace and community. They are a quick study! They are creating amazing content, properly placing affiliate links and generating traffic and sales for the merchants they chose to work with. The merchants are negotiating small upfront placement fees (typically between $0.01 and $50) for the initial placement, and tracking the activity through their affiliate programs. Here are some examples:

(Please note that these merchants gave the bloggers a specific task to complete, like “include our flask in a post about Father’s Day gifts” or “Try one of our baking mixes and document your experience. They did NOT ask affiliates to “promote us” or “join our affiliate program”.)

hybrid opportunity

Launch Your Affiliate Campaign in Our Marketplace

I’m happy to announce that our “Hybrid Opportunity” technology is complete and affiliate opportunities are now available to all advertisers. This will allow advertisers to launch and manage their own performance-based campaigns using our self-serve platform. You’ll be able to choose your own bloggers and communicate with them – and pay them mainly through your existing affiliate program.

Here are some details to help you determine if Hybrid Opportunities are right for you!

Influencer Commissions and Fees

  • Hybrid Opportunities will require that you pay at least $0.01 in placement fees along with affiliate commissions.
  • Influencers will bid on your opportunities, telling you how much they want for that initial placement fee and you can negotiate that with them.
  • We charge 20% on these placement fees and split commissions with the Influencers 80/20.
  • There will be no “commission only” option.


Affiliate Program Tracking

  • All activity will be tracked through OUR affiliate ID.
  • We’ll assign each blogger a sub-ID, and deliver the encoded link to them through their dashboard.
  • You’ll simply pay us like you do any other affiliate, and we’ll split the commissions with the Influencers.
  • We need to be in your affiliate program (Fresh Press Media, LLC – not FMTC’s IDs). If you can’t find us, let us know by emailing support@freshpress.media


Account Funding

  • You must have a minimum balance of $250 with us to launch a campaign.
  • Payments may be made by credit card through your advertiser login, or through a variety of other options – contact us atsupport@freshpress.media for more information.
  • Once you have $250 in your account, you can launch as many campaigns as you’d like. You won’t “spend” any of your funds (depleting the total in your account) until you’ve successfully hired a blogger. Once you do spend the funds, you’ll just need to get the balance back to $250 before launching another campaign.
  • When you hire the blogger, we’ll deduct their bid and our fee from your funds. We’ll hang on to the placement fee and won’t turn it over to the blogger until you approve their post, verifying that they’ve done the work.


Recruitment Hints and Tips

  • Prior funding your account, you can research the bloggers who are currently active in our marketplace. You’ll be able to get an idea of the topics they cover and the amount of traffic and social followers they have. Once they bid on your opportunity, you’ll be able to communicate with them through your account.
  • Start thinking about a CAMPAIGN to run, instead of traditional affiliate recruitment. Bloggers are easier to engage when they have are given a specific task. For example, “Ideas for Father’s Day” or “Recipe Blog Post” opposed to “Promote our brand and earn 10%”. They’ll respond best to opportunities to fill in their editorial calendar – so think about content around specific products, holidays or seasons.

Have tons of questions? We have a Help Center full of answers. Come see what we’ve already answered, and ask new questions we haven’t heard yet. If you need even more help, we’ll be happy to connect you with an agency or professional that can help you run your campaign on our platform. (If you are an agency or professional that would like these types of referrals, please click here to learn more.)

Launch Your Hybrid Campaign Now!