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Creating partnerships with influencer marketing agencies has been one of my top priorities since launching the Fresh Press Media Marketplace. Our team is great at creating simple yet powerful platforms that help advertisers and publishers connect and do business. We’re great at automating tasks and simplifying workflows.

Influencer marketing agencies are great a creating and executing influencer marketing campaigns.

I think it makes perfect sense that we focus on the technology, and allow the agencies to focus on the strategies.

Today, I’m happy to announce the first two of many Influencer Marketing Agencies we’ve partnered with to best serve the advertisers and influencers in our marketplace.

Our First Approved Influencer Marketing Agencies

all inclusive marketing influencer agencyAll Inclusive Marketing

AIM has been running a series of successful influencer marketing campaigns for their clients that combine affiliate commissions, product reviews and up-front placement fees. We’ve been impressed with their creativity in designing campaigns, and their dedication to constant communication with influencers.

More information about AIM and their influencer marketing services can be found here.

goodsellmarketinglogof-01Goodsell Marketing

Laura Goodsell and her team have been creating innovative campaigns for their clients. Along with product reviews and blog posts, they’ve run several successful PR campaigns, asking influencers to tweet about coupons and niche promotions.

More information about Goodsell Marketing can be found here.

Benefits of Working with Influencer Marketing Agencies

Like a lot of marketing strategies, when it comes to influencer marketing many people think, “I can do that!”

Sure, you can find some bloggers in your niche, you may be able to convince a few of them to work with you… but unless you’re lucky or possess some influencer marketer gene, you’ll find that things get sticky fast. How much do you pay each influencer? How long should it take them to get the post up? How will you pay them? Do they need 1099s? What about FTC regulations, how will you ensure compliance? Will you track the traffic they send you? What will you report on to determine your ROI? How will you measure success?

Influencer marketing agencies have been there, and have done that. They know what it takes to run a successful campaign.

Here are three good reasons to work an agency on your influencer marketing campaigns:

  1. They have experience. Whether it’s a simple task like tying your shoes or a complex interactive marketing strategy, the first time you do anything is full of more mistakes than it is successes. If you want it done well, experience is always the key.
  2. They have contacts. Experienced agencies have already worked with productive influencers. They’ve built trust and relationships that they can leverage for your campaigns.
  3. They’ll be your biggest competition. Rest assured that the bloggers you attempt to connect with on your own will also be fielding inquiries from agencies representing other brands in your vertical, including your competitors. So, you’ll be going head to head with agencies in recruiting bloggers for your campaigns. Who do you think the blogger is going to work with – the brand with the half-baked idea on “working together” or the agencies they’ve worked with before on well-orchestrated strategies?

So, if you’re looking for success in your influencer marketing campaigns, the most obvious path is through an influencer marketing agency!

If you run or work for an agency that offers Influencer Marketing services, click here to learn more about the solutions we provide to agencies and how you can get approved and listed on our site.