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On today’s episode of the Influence Matter’s Podcast, Amy Powell asks Kim Cashwell and FMTC CEO Rachel Honoway what questions advertisers need to answer prior to launching their next influencer marketing campaign. Learn how to set attainable goals that will help you hire the right influencers that produce the best ROI.



Rachel and Kim work closely with the Advertisers who run Influencer Marketing campaigns in the Fresh Press Media marketplace. Their experience running campaigns, fielding questions, and evaluating performance reports make them a valuable resource to help you navigate through the ins and outs of working closely with Influencers to help you run a successful influencer marketing campaign.


A Few Key Points:

Influencer Marketing is a HOT topic right now. Our team is fielding a constant stream of questions from advertisers and agencies who want to find influencers to work with them. While influencer marketing has been around for some time, many of us are still sifting through the best practices that will produce a return on our investment. I believe that a lot of this worry or confusion, or even some misunderstandings about influencer marketing can be avoided if we take the time to answer a few questions about our expectations prior to launching a campaign. Rachel suggests starting with these 5 questions.

  1. Why are you considering Influencer Marketing?
  2. What are your goals and how are influencers going to help you reach those goals?
  3. Identify and accept how influencers are different from other online partners you already have.
  4. Are there specific objectives that influencers can do for your product or brand? 
  5. Do you have enough time to dedicate to influencer marketing? 


Favorite Quotes:

“Invest in influencers who you can see working with long term and focus on building that long-term relationship.” ~Kim Cashwell

“A lot of the value of influencer marketing is overlooked by too much focus on conversions when the influencer is actually playing a crucial role in building brand awareness and loyalty within their community.” ~Kim Cashwell

Consumers are using multiple devices in one purchase plan.” ~Rachel Honoway

Influencers are content development ninjas. Give them a topic and let them run with it… but give them a topic, not the opportunity to promote you.” ~Kim Cashwell

If you’re choosing influencers based on stats alone you shouldn’t be surprised with the results.” ~Rachel Honoway


A Random Tip from Rachel:

Teach me something that I don’t know about success. Go!

Manifesting success is a combination of belief and hustle:

  1. Believe that there are endless opportunities for success in this world.
  2. Believe that you are lucky enough to see them.
  3. Believe that opportunities can only turn into success through hard work, not wishes.
  4. Believe that you can handle getting uncomfortable for awhile in order to see those opportunities through to success.


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