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Influence Matters Podcast, Episode 2

Create a successful campaign that attracts the right Influencers who reach your target audience


Influencer Marketing is quickly growing, bringing many new advertisers on board who have little to no prior experience in influencer marketing and are asking important questions. Whether you’re an influencer marketing veteran or just taking your first steps, you’ll want to know how to create a successful campaign that attracts influencers in your target market.


Rachel Honoway has a long history in affiliate space and is experienced in successful campaign management. Today, Rachel shares tips from her extensive knowledge of both the affiliate and influencer worlds. As a blogger herself, our Influencer Engagement Specialist Amy Powell shares her knowledge and works to build meaningful relationships with fellow influencers in the Marketplace. For those of you juggling busy lives with work, Amy passes along some valuable tips for achieving a work-life balance.




Key Points:


Successful influencers imagine the outcome they want, and work to create a plan for getting to that outcome from where they are right now.

To make an opportunity attractive to influencers, it’s important to understand Bloggers and Social Media Influencers and how they interact with their communities.


Common mistakes made by advertisers:


  • Rushing through the recruitment process, instead of leaving the opportunity open for 2+ weeks and giving influencers a realistic amount of time to complete
  • Not following up and following through. Use every opportunity you can to follow  up with the influencer.


Common mistakes made by influencers:


  • Not being attentive and responsive. Advertisers shouldn’t have to track them down once they are hired for an opportunity.
  • Missing deadlines. Know what you agree to, take responsibility and be honest with yourself and the advertiser.




ˆInfluencers have developed close relationships with the members of their community and they care about them like you would care about your friends. Which is exactly what makes Influencer Marketing such a powerful advertising tool because it’s based on that trust built within their communities.” – Amy Powell


“Working with influencers, even on a small task, gives you the ability to build a great relationship with someone in your target market.” – Rachel Honoway


A lot of hard work, sweat, and tears have gone into building these platforms and communities that you as an advertiser want to reach. And influencers are protective of that. They want what’s best for their communities.” – Amy Powell


3 Tips for Work-Life Balance For Working From Home:


  • Designate work hours – Let your family know which hours you plan to dedicate to work and indicate when you will not be available. When you’re sitting at your desk, you can be focused on what you’re doing.
  • Make lists and prioritize them – It’s really important to take a look at what you need to accomplish that day. Which one of these things do you LEAST want to do? Do that one first. Get that big, obnoxious, nasty item on your list out of the way first and you’ll be more productive.
  • Shut it down when it’s timeWhen your family is home, make sure you’re giving them your time too. Then you can focus on work when you’re supposed to work.