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How to Create a Bid Evaluation Report


Make the Most of the Marketplace


We have many features in the Marketplace that advertisers may not currently be familiar with. That being the case, we want to share with you some of these features so you can make the most of your Marketplace experience. Today, we’ll share with you a tutorial on how to download and use a spreadsheet of your gigs — or a “bid evaluation report”.


Why do I need a bid evaluation report?


Here’s a common scenario: An advertiser recently launched an opportunity and is excited about finding the perfect match for your campaign. However, as the bids come flooding in, they find themselves a little overwhelmed by the amount of bids and are unsure how to evaluate which ones are the best to hire at first.

It is worth noting that an initial campaign will likely be a test, and your mission will be to find the best influencers from this campaign to hire again in the future. However, you can still take steps to find the best influencers initially.                                                                      

The best way to do this is by using a bid evaluation report. This report is an organized spreadsheet listing all of your bids with information about their media kit and more.


How do I create my own report?


After logging into your advertiser account, click on the opportunity with the pending bids you’d like to evaluate.  

At the top of your list of bids, you’ll see a dropdown menu with “Active Influencers” selected. Click the menu, and scroll down to select “Pending Bids”:



To the right of this menu, you’ll see a similar dropdown menu with the actions you can take. Select “Export CSV”



After clicking “go”, it will prompt you to download a spreadsheet of your bids. You’ll get something like this:


The actual sphere names will be listed on the leftmost column. The second leftmost column is the amount the influencer has bid. Other columns include social media account statistics (followers vs. following) as well as blog visitors.

Once you have this sheet, you can edit it to organize, clean it up and sort by the information you’re most interested in. For example, in this opportunity, an advertiser is looking for the bids with the best value for an Instagram post. The advertiser arranged it with highest to lowest bid, and is looking for the best value for a post:



From this report, the best value for an Instagram post right now is probably Example K, who has 15.5k followers and bid $100.

If you only want to look at bids below a certain threshold, say $200, you can filter it that way to help yourself out:


Of course, there are seemingly infinite possibilities to what you can use this for — these are just a couple common examples.


I don’t have time for that. What can I do instead?


At Fresh Press Media, we are pleased to offer bid evaluation services — which includes a report (so you don’t have to do it yourself) which will be cleaned up and organized with additional information from their media kit and more. We also offer insights regarding past performance, red flags and warning signs, people who have performed well in the past, and much more valuable information — all in the same report. If you’d like more information and pricing, please email support@freshpress.media.