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In the world of blogging you must toot your own horn a bit to gain followers. Meaning you must share your best work and gain their trust to keep reading.

You also need to do the same when working with brands. To do so you need a rocking media kit that you can present when you pitch a company. If you don’t have a media kit you are losing money. Brands want to clearly and quickly see your reach, demographic, and goals. They also want to see who you have worked with in the past. This can all be easily displayed in your media kit.

You can start from the ground up and make your own creative kit if you have the time and the resources. I have used Etsy to purchase templates and then made the kit my own. There is no right or wrong way to do so, it’s whatever works best for you.

Eight Things that MUST be in Your Media Kit

  1. Introduction/Bio – This is your chance to explain who you are, what you do and what purpose your blog serves. It is your chance to really catch the eye of the marketing company and let them see you.
  2. Your Goal – What do you want to achieve when working with brands? Is it long term relationships, short media blitz opportunities? Be clear on what you are looking for in a media partnership
  3. Testimonials – You can pat yourself on the back as much as you like but it’s the feedback from your past clients that matters. Reach out to those you have a good relationship with and ask for a short 2-3 sentence blurb about working with you.
  4. Past Clients – This is a big one! List who you have worked with in the past on campaigns, try to add as many big brands as possible then add a few startups as well, this allows a brand to see you will work with anyone.
  5. Services offered – Let them know exactly what you can help with. Social Media takeovers? Blog posts/reviews? The sky is the limit but don’t over extend yourself.
  6. Rates – Nobody works for free, and neither should bloggers. If someone wants to post something on your twitter it’s because they see value in that social share. Even if you start low and charge $20 it’s better than selling yourself short. Know your worth!
  7. Stats – It is always important to be transparent with your site statistics, this goes for social numbers as well. Highlight your numbers, be proud!
  8. Contact information – Always include a head shot, phone number and email. How else will they know who you are.

Fresh Press Media makes creating your Media Kit a breeze and offers areas to include all the above information. It doesn’t take long to populate your media kit, but I would recommend spending some time to add as much information as possible about yourself, your brand, and your mission. Here is a quick video giving you a tour of your media kit that highlights all the areas you can make your personal brand stand out in the marketplace.

The more information you provide to advertisers, the better. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make your media kit even better, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@freshpress.media. We want to hear from you!