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What are the most common influencer marketing mistakes?


Influencer marketing has yielded great results for some advertisers. Yet, others may struggle with designing an effective campaign. We’ve listed five of the most common mistakes we see, as well as solutions to help avoid the problem in the future.


Mistake #1: Focusing on follower numbers alone


Rather than focusing on follower numbers, focus on other things that are especially significant. Look at engagement — how many conversations, shares and “likes” do their posts garner on average? Do their comments have substance, or do they look spammy? Also, be sure to review their followers to see if they’re even reaching your target audience.


Mistake #2: Creating a last-minute campaign


Sometimes advertisers launch campaigns for flash sales or have a very short deadline. They expect to find and create quality relationships within a matter of days. This result may never happen. Finding influencers to hurriedly slap together a post will leave you disappointed in your results. Be thoughtful and thorough as you connect with the next voice of your brand. Take time to communicate your expectations, and you’ll be much happier with the results.


Mistake #3: Concentrating on “one-and-done” sponsored posts


Creating a one-time post may not get you very far with driving sales. Influencer marketing is a long-term strategy, requiring many posts to gain the audience’s attention. Unlike an affiliate promotion on a coupon site, influencers need to share how much they use and love your products. Think of a brand ambassadorship focused on your brand, as opposed to an affiliate publisher.


Mistake #4: Failing to optimize your strategy based on platform


Some advertisers only sponsor a blog post, assuming the influencer will share it across their social media platforms as well. This isn’t as effective as combining a post with tailored content, designed and optimized for social media. Blog posts are nice, but an unboxing video on YouTube is powerful. Sponsoring a photo shoot can result in beautiful Instagram-worthy photos, drawing favorable attention to your brand. Carefully consider what type of content you’d like, and hire the influencer based on their unique talents.


Mistake #5: Giving up too soon


Some advertisers may try a one-off influencer campaign, and give up because they didn’t immediately get results. Focusing too much on driving sales can get in the way of other benefits you did gain from your campaign. Brand awareness, social media followers, or newsletter signups may be a little harder to attribute to a particular influencer, but they can boost your brand and drive sales long-term. So, don’t give up just yet! Define your goals, research influencers thoroughly, and get started on your next influencer campaign today.


What are some other mistakes you’ve made along the way, that others could learn from? Feel free to comment or give us a shout on Twitter. We’d be happy to share your thoughts.