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As influencers, we have many areas of our business that we must manage consistently, from creating and promoting content, to connecting with our community, to developing brand relationships and securing income streams. These tasks overlap in many ways, but can become overwhelming without a system in place to tackle them.

At Fresh Press Media we have a small team of people working to ensure all our bases are covered. As a smaller team it can be challenging to execute our many responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. The more processes and checklists we implement, the more successful we are at seeing our tasks through to completion. Many of our processes are easily repeated week after week, but a lot of them kept falling through the cracks. We were in desperate need of a space to organize our to-do lists and track our progress.

How do you organize your tasks?

We learned in our Twitter chat, #FreshChat that many people still prefer to use a paper planner or multiple spreadsheets to organize their business. I still make plenty of lists and have countless spreadsheets saved in my drive folders, but when I rely on that alone it’s easy for me to lose focus of the big picture or forget events.

Implementing a virtual calendar has improved our processes and simplified our workflow in so many positive ways. Here are a few reasons why we decided to switch to a virtual calendar:

A virtual calendar…

  • contains all our tasks and events in a centralized location that can’t be misplaced
  • is accessible and editable by multiple people remotely
  • provides the ability to organize and filter our tasks
  • notifies us of upcoming deadlines

We chose CoSchedule to help us achieve these benefits. This review will demonstrate how we’ve implemented CoSchedule to create processes, checklists, and templates that have made accomplishing our goals a reality.

Changes you make to your daily routine require time and practice to become comfortable. But, it didn’t take long for us to fall into a pattern that we already can’t imagine living without.


Meet CoSchedule

For the past 4 years, CoSchedule has been providing solutions for your marketing and editorial calendar needs. Some of their most popular features include:

  1. Integration capabilities with tools and social networks
  2. Automation to recycle evergreen content
  3. Built-in reporting so you can track your best content
  4. Subscription customization based on your needs and budget

Our Experience

We’ve recently begun using CoSchedule for our own marketing calendar, and we love it! It’s really helped us streamline our processes, design workflows around events, and keep everyone on the same page. Since our team works remotely, it’s vital for us to have a calendar that communicates for us.

Interactive Dashboard

The CoSchedule dashboard displays everything we need to see each time we login. From upcoming assignments, to top performing content, to our to-do list, everything is displayed neatly upon logging into the platform each day.

The layout is user-friendly and helps me keep track of what’s coming up on my schedule, as well as delegate tasks I may need assistance completing. You’ll notice the red past-due notifications located in my task bar. Sometimes I need the ugly red reminders to propel me out of procrastination and into action.

(Color-Coded!) Calendar with Filters

We publish and share a variety of content geared toward both Influencers and Advertisers, much like bloggers share content specific to each niche they represent. CoSchedule makes it easy to organize, filter, and view your content in a way that makes sense. Our calendar can appear quite crowded, but colored labels and filters allow us to view as much or as little of our calendar we want to see at one time.

What’s our favorite feature?

We love them all, but our favorite feature definitely has to be the ability to create lists and templates. As a growing company we add a lot of projects to our every-day to-do lists. Sometimes those daily tasks get buried in the momentum of developing new features and making improvements to our platform. These lists and templates allow us to focus on what’s most important, our community.


CoSchedule allows us to create lists to attach to our assignments. Every blog post, twitter chat, and new opportunity have a to-do list associated with it. We check items off our list to make sure each step is completed. What makes this feature great for our team is that we can assign tasks, create deadlines, add comments, invite team members, and communicate completed tasks efficiently. Every list can be saved as a template to implement over and over again, saving us time and helping us stay focused.


Templates don’t stop at lists. We’ve created social sharing templates that can be populated for specific actions, like our weekly Twitter chat. Every Tuesday after our chat I populate my social sharing template for the following week. It automatically schedules

  • Tweets throughout the week announcing the next chat topic
  • Facebook group announcements, recaps, and updates

…all at the push of a button. Once populated, you are able to edit each social media post appropriately, saving you time, yet allowing you to publish unique content. Every blog post, new opportunity, twitter chat, and ambassador opportunity have a corresponding template. You can create as many as you’d like.

An example social template for one of our blog posts looks like this:

Is CoSchedule Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking for something to help you achieve productivity and accountability, I can’t recommend CoSchedule highly enough. It has made a big difference in how we implement our strategies, both individually and as a team.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.


Want to Learn More?

CoSchedule provides several subscription levels so you can take advantage of the features that are best for your business. They also offer webinars and tutorials that will walk you through the process of using their tools. I highly recommend signing up for a free account. Be sure to schedule a meeting with a CoSchedule representative or attend one of their getting started webinars, so you can learn how to implement the many features available to you through your account.

Now, please excuse me. I get to go check the two red, ugly overdue notifications off my list!

About Amy & Fresh Press Media

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