Build Relationships with Hired Influencers


Relationships of all kinds require effort and communication — even between advertisers and influencers. To maximize benefits from their influencer program, advertisers should be intentional about establishing deeper connections with influencers. Unfortunately, some advertisers hire an influencer for a blog post, then neglect to check in for weeks (or even months!) at a time, and are then surprised when some of these influencers don’t complete the work. Remember, the better the experience that influencers have with your company, the more that their content will reflect it in a positive way.


If you’re looking for great ways to connect with and support the fantastic influencers promoting your content, here are a couple ideas to try:


  • Assign a personalized promo code


    • A unique promo code enables you to track conversions even without affiliate links. A code is easy for the influencer to post on their site, add in a caption on Instagram, drop in a Tweet, or even add to a YouTube video.
    • A personalized code (their name, for example) helps the influencer feel a sense of ownership and pride in your brand, which can result in more enthusiasm or extra hustle on their part. Example: If the influencer’s name is Janelle and you offer a 20% discount code, assign the promo code “JANELLE20”.


  • Feature their content on your own social media platforms


    • Make the most of the great content your influencer posts. Repost things on your own site! (Make sure you get the rights to this first.) When you share it, be sure to tag the influencer and perhaps mention some of the great work they are doing with you. This builds rapport and shows you really care about your influencers and customers. Also, you benefit from having ready-to-go content for your own social media platforms — it’s a win-win situation!


  • Offer perks


    • Offering extra benefits to influencers may not sound attractive at first, but showing interest in their experience can go far. Turn your influencer into a customer, not just a user — and hopefully the more of your products they try, the more they’ll love them and talk about them. (And if they try a product they don’t love, they are in a great position to give you valuable feedback!) Here are some ideas:
      • Get them hooked on your products: Offer a discount or gift card for influencers to purchase products for their personal use.
      • Spread the love: Throw a couple free samples or swag in your shipment for them to try or pass along to a friend
      • Build buzz and excitement: Offer a new product for them to review that hasn’t been released in stores yet


  • Be open to new ideas


    • A great influencer will be creative and likely already have experience working with advertisers. They may have some ideas to pitch to you. Be open to these new ideas and consider letting them take the reins. After all, the influencer knows their audience the best. They know what will appeal to them, and how to talk to them in a way that they understand — on a personal level.


And many more…


There are many more ways to continue building rapport and engagement with influencers you work with. Don’t neglect developing your relationships with them, or it could prevent you from valuable exposure and other potential benefits. Get to know them, and they’ll make sure their audience gets to know you.