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We asked the members of our blogging chat, #FreshChat if they ran ad campaigns to find new community members and grow their personal brand. Many responded yes, but most agreed that they were apprehensive. Do you relate to any of these responses?

  • “I have, but not routinely or much past dabbling.” (View Tweet)
  • “I have on Facebook in the past with mixed results – not sure if it has ever been totally worth it.” (View Tweet)
  • “I’ve experimented with FB ads, but not with much success in terms of the users I’m looking for in my demographic.” (View Tweet)

Social media ads appear to be a bit of a mystery for most of us who are just starting out promoting our own brand or even our sponsored content. How do we successfully reach our target audience? How do we get the most value out of the money we invest in advertising? These are valid questions and concerns. In this post, I’ll recap and highlight the helpful tips from #FreshChat that will help you make informed choices when launching your next ad campaign.

Though this article is full of great advice, it stands true that as with anything else you get out what you put in. So, the first step is implementing the following mentality:

As with most aspects of online business building, doing what others won’t will get you ahead. It takes WORK, not automation.


Our very own social media marketing guru “CoffeeNate” Nathan Smith joined us on our chat to share his experience and give us some useful tips to help us begin our own Facebook Ad campaign. His first tip reminded us that it’s important to find ways to make our blog and business stand out.

“In today’s crowded social media and inbox world, it’s vital to use paid promotions to build your audience.


Q1: How did you start out using paid ads to promote your blog?

One of our biggest fears at the beginning of an ad campaign is that it’s a waste of money, isn’t it? Or that we won’t make the right choices to see a return on our investment. We are all well aware of the dangers in tracking vanity metrics, so we don’t want to run the risk of obtaining likes just for the sake of reporting a large number.

Begin with the end in mind. If it’s engagement you’re after, start by promoting your content to the community you’re already serving. Shel Zokawich has seen great success rates by boosting her posts to grow her community pages. CoffeeNate agrees this is a “great strategy. Target people who engage instead of click like and leave.”


Q2: Which tools do you use most often?

Facebook offers a variety of tools, from paid boosts and ads to free invite buttons. Here are a few tips to help you determine what type of ad will perform best for your business.



Q3: How do you set an ad budget?

Many of us don’t have a large budget to designate toward an ad campaign. But, don’t let that stop you from starting something on a smaller scale. With the right campaign, you can see large results from a small budget.

Q4: How do you narrow down what works best for your blog?

If you’ve been blogging for any period of time you already now that much of it boils down to trial and error. There is no magic equation for any  piece of the blogging puzzle because every community is different. But, no one knows your audience better than you, so use that to your advantage when targeting your Facebook ads.


Q5: How can I learn more about creating Facebook Ads?

This is a brief and helpful overview, but there are many other helpful resources where you can learn more about creating an ad campaign for your blog and business. Here are a few recommendations:

Now Go Work it

Hard work and dedication is what makes your blog and business a success. Don’t shy away from opportunities to grow and learn new things. Join us on our next #FreshChat, Tuesday at Noon, Eastern, when we discuss new blogging topics each week that will help you grow your business.