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Five Thoughts on Influencer Marketing in 2018


Influencer marketing is a constantly-evolving industry. New best practices seem to emerge every year. Whether it’s FTC guidelines, new campaign goals or something else, it’s important to stay up to date. We’ve put together a few handy resources to help you stay current on what’s been happening in 2018.


Look at Followers to Following Ratio

“In order to classify yourself as an influencer, you should not be following more than 1/3 (30%) of your total followership. You should also have an engagement between 1–4%.”

Source: Influencer Marketing Latest Trends & Best Practices: 2018 Report by Musefind

As an advertiser looking for influencers, this is a great rule of thumb. Look at the following vs. followers ratio, and read comments to get a feel for the type of engagement they create.


Respect Goes a Long Way

As an influencer and as a person, it is always best practice to treat marketers, agencies, and brands with respect, and in turn, brands will treat you with respect. Not only will this mutual respect help an influencer build a stronger relationship with the brand, it will also lead to future partnerships.”

Source: Best Practices for Influencers in 2018 by Scrunch Blog

This Scrunch article is written for the influencer, rather than the brand. However, this is certainly a best practice to be aware of. If an influencer isn’t professional or respectful, they may not be the best voice for your brand.


Shake Things Up

Marketers should consider how to creatively use bloggers to get the most of their influencer marketing partnerships; instead of just writing product reviews, bloggers can also host PR events, do social media posts, coordinate giveaways, and get the word out in other creative ways.”

Source: How to Jump Into Influencer Marketing in 2018 by Tune

If you’re only sponsoring product review blog posts, think outside the box with Tune. Additionally, this article describes different types of bloggers, how to measure ROI, and even includes the infamous Yule Log video with Nick Offerman.


Tell Influencers to Get Creative

“Great content entertains, educates or invokes some level of emotion from your audience. But for whatever reason, brands tend to lose sight of that when working with influencers. Don’t be that brand.”

Source: Influencer Marketing Insights by Sprout Social

Influencers should be crafting unique, outside-the-box content. Try encouraging them to get creative or tell a story, rather than just post a generic review.


If You’re New, Do a Trial Run

As you are building your influencer persona, keep in mind that it is quite difficult for a marketer who is a total stranger to build a relationship with social influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers.  It is recommended to start with smaller influencers and practice your methods before you attempt to reach the big names.”

Source: How to Do Influencer Marketing in 2018 by KeyScouts 

This is a helpful insight for any brands new to influencer marketing. Try working with a few influencers to nail the process down, and if they’re a great fit, then build a long-term relationship. Otherwise, you’ll be more experienced and have a better idea of what to look for next time.


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