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5 Email Strategies to Get More Bang From Your List

Ask almost any “social media expert” these days and they will all agree: having a robust email news subscriber list is crucial to growing your brand and getting your message directly to your customer or reader. It cuts out the middle man of Google and Facebook who are constantly changing their algorithms and the rules, which can make it difficult to be heard through all of the noise. A large email subscriber list can allow you to target your readership and serve your purpose without having to be beholden to foreign soil.

But what if you have an email subscription list that is growing, but you want to get more out of it?

I’ve got a few quick tips that you can use to instantly bring more value to your list by also quenching the thirst of your readers and perhaps, increasing your revenue.Modern newsletter form with name and email

Be more than just a blog post service

Supply your readers with more than just daily wrap-ups of your articles and posts. Customize your enews feed to include quotes, links to other worthy articles and blog posts on other sites. Add timely content, photo memes, deals, and discounts, and other items your readers will find useful and valuable. Give them a reason to want to open that newsletter every time it is sent to them. Be more than just an RSS feed.

Offer information not on your blog

Give your readers a reason to continue to be a subscriber by offering them content that isn’t readily available on your blog or website. This information should be considered VIP content for those who subscribe. This will build a sense of urgency with them, and increase your open and share rate (and, you may be able to charge for this VIP content via membership, which can also be an added revenue stream).

Offer a product

Create a product or service that can be provided through your subscription list, with special savings and deals just for your subscribers. Are you a food blogger? Offer a menu planning service or weekly tip sheet that your subscribers can pay for at a lower rate. Make your subscription list work smarter and harder to create more revenue for you and your business.

Add video

Adding video to your subscription newsletters can often triple your open and share rate. Create a special video message for your subscribers with special tips, anecdotes, etc. and allow them to see another side of you. People buy from people they like, so if your goal is to create an income stream with your blog or website, adding video to your newsletters is a way to up the ante and make more money.

Be consistent

Your subscription newsletters should not only be filled with useful tidbits and must-read information, but they need to be consistent. Set up a regularly scheduled time to send out these emails to your subscribers. Consistency builds trust with your readership and gives them something to look forward to.

A large email newsletter subscriber list can be gold. But if you work it right and cultivate it while providing useful and helpful goodies, it can prove to be profitable for you and your business. Don’t just sit on your list—use it, grow it, cultivate it, and offer gems on it that people will value.


What are you doing to get the most from your list?