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Fresh Press Media makes it possible for advertisers to build long-term partnerships with influencers, increasing
brand awareness and recognition across social platforms and beyond.

How it Works

Launching your influencer marketing campaign, recruiting bloggers, managing bids and communicating with your influencers is simple with Fresh Press Media.

Create Opportunity

Fill in the blanks to create your

We’ll Recruit Influencers

We’ll advertise your opportunity to our
contacts and beyond.

Influencers Submit Bids

Influencers will tell you how much they’d
like to be paid to participate.

Negotiate Bids

Easily approve, deny or negotiate the bids.

Influencers Submit Proof

Influencers complete the work and submit

Check Their Work

You accept or reject their work – they
aren’t paid until you say it’s okay.

Launch Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Today!

Flexible Compensation Models

Reward influencers with placement fees and/or product giveaways. Affiliate commissions can be combined with any option.

Paid Placements

Negotiable placement fee for blog or social media posts. May be combined with product and/or commissions.


Send influencers a product to review. May be combined with placement fee and/or commissions.

Commissions (Combo Only)

Combine commissions (paid via your affiliate program) with any of the above options.

Need help with your strategy or campaign management?

Feature Tour

Simple Fill-In-The-Blank Campaign Creation

Launching a campaign is easy — just fill in the blanks! Your campaign options are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs. Choose your method of payment, deliverable type, terms & conditions, and more.

Recruitment Tools

No need to worry about exposure for your campaign — we’ll take care of it for you. Once your campaign is published, it is available for our community of influencers to view and bid. Campaigns are also pushed out to influencers on social media and email newsletters to increase your chances of finding the perfect match quickly.

Don’t want to wait? You’ll also have the ability to filter and search all registered Influencers and invite your favorite ones to come bid.

Let Influencers Come To You

Our bidding process saves you valuable time when finding influencers to partner with. Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, you don’t have to hunt down influencers yourself. Simply publish your campaign and Influencers will come to you with a bid or pitch. You remain in control during the entire process with the ability to accept, reject or negotiate any bids you receive.

View Stats At A Glance Before Hiring

Not sure how to evaluate an influencer before hiring them? We’ve got all the information you need. View influencer stats pulled daily from Google Analytics, check out their media kit and see a portfolio of past work to ensure you choose the best fit for your brand. You can also check out detailed reviews from other advertisers before hiring.

You’ll still negotiate with them for placement fees or products – and you’ll choose who do and do not want to work with.

Combine Affiliate Commissions With Gigs

If you already have an active affiliate program, we make it easy for you to combine it with your influencer campaign and get the best of both worlds. Provide incentive to drive sales and encourage long-term partnerships while getting the high-quality, creative content you expect from our fantastic influencers.

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