Agency-Friendly Influencer Marketing Platform

Fresh Press Media is a self-serve marketplace. We provide simple, yet powerful tools to help creative agencies fulfill their clients’ Influencer Marketing needs. Campaign management is outsourced to the Approved Agencies listed below.

Campaign & Influencer Management

Managing the influencers and their progress in your campaign is simple with Fresh Press Media.

● We’ll list your pending bids for review
● We give you a place to message back and forth with Influencers before and after you accept their bids
● We give influencers a place to submit their completed work for your approval
● You can easily approve or deny submissions and communicate with influencers to help them get it right

Built-In Recruitment & Engagement

Your blogger engagement and recruitment efforts get a boost when you work with Fresh Press Media.

We’ll alert our Influencers that there is a new opportunity to bid on

We’ll reach out to niche-specific influencers who haven’t joined the marketplace yet to ask them to come in and bid on your opportunity

We’ll share your opportunity on social media and with our subscribers

You can browse our Influencer Directory to find bloggers and social media influencers (complete with stats) and invite them to bid on your opportunity

Simple Campaign Setup

Setting up a campaign for a client can be a big obstacle – in fact, the time, effort and technology it requires it can be the determining factor in deciding whether or not to even run the campaign. Using Fresh Press Media, though, campaign setup is simple:

  • You fill in the blanks to create a profile for the advertiser and to create the campaign
  • We’ll create a page with all of the campaign details
  • We’ll also create a page with all of the advertiser’s details
  • The page will expire along with the campaign

Simply share the URL (no login required to view) with your list and followers.

Influencer Payouts & 1099s

One of the most tedious processes in a blogger campaign is payouts. With Fresh Press Media, we handle the details for you.

  • You send us one payment (or break it up if you’d like)
  • We’ll send influencers their earnings
  • We’ll collect their W9s
  • We’ll send out the 1099s

Additional Agency Benefits

  • Listing in the Approved Agency section of our site.
  • Badge to display on your site showcasing your status.
  • Ongoing monthly agency rebates (money back based on what your clients spend!)

Learn more about our Approved Agency program