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How to Grow Your Influence on Facebook

This week on #FreshChat we talked about how to build your influence on Facebook. Facebook is sort of an enigma. It offers this platform with a vast audience, but leveraging it can be tricky. When asked what is most frustrating about Facebook, it is clear that being able to reach our audience is top on the list.

Our very own CoffeeNate shared his vast knowledge and understanding of the platform with us. Nate works with multiple pages that boast 100%+ average organic reach (ratio of fans to reach). Here are some of his actionable tips and answers to your questions about getting the most from your Facebook efforts.

Know Your Audience

Facebook is tricky. When you post, they trickle it into the news feed of only a few people. If they ignore it, your post is dead. The number one key to organic Facebook success is having the right audience. If your audience is interactive, you’re going to win.  If the first few people who see your post interact with it in some way, your post is on its way to becoming viral…or at least getting seen by fans. It’s important to get your loyal readers to connect with your Facebook page or group. They know who you are & already love you.

Well Performing Content

Even with the right audience, you must deliver awesome content. If your content is average, you’ll be hearing crickets.

I always recommend using content that uses the 3 E’s. Entertain, Educate, evoke Emotion. (I guess that’s four) Creating content that inspires interaction gets your content in front of more people, thus growing your audience along the way. My best content tends to be images with overlying text. Many people don’t slow down to read a paragraph. But, you can use the overlying text image to stop them and pull them into the deeper conversation. Still use the paragraph of text you were going to post, but add it to your image post. The image pauses their scroll. I’ve posted the same image twice, one with text and one without. The with-text image ALWAYS outperforms the non-text one.

Tend to Your Community!

Even when I have 1K+ shares and hundreds of comments, I still respond in some way to each of them. Did you know that you can like (or love) the “shares” that your #fb posts get?

Once your post has been shared, you may find new likes from people who are not already fans of your page. If you click on the number of likes, you can “invite” those people to like your page.



Thank you, CoffeeNate!

We appreciate you sharing all your tips with us. Do you have more questions about extending your reach on Facebook? Join our group. We are asking questions and sharing answers about all kinds of topics that are blogging related. I’m looking forward to connecting with you there.