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Hire Influencers To Create Marketing Content


It’s finally here! Advertisers, you now have the ability to request “marketing content” as a deliverable type (in addition to the standard blog, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest posts). Instead of trying to outsource the creation of blog posts, images, photos and videos to use on your own site and social streams, tap into the creative genius of the content creators in your niche.


How do I request marketing content?


It’s easy! To request marketing content, simply choose it from the drop-down when creating your opportunity:


Marketing Content



Why ask influencers for content?


If you’ve never considered hiring an influencer to create marketing content, you may be missing out on a huge benefit of influencer marketing. Keep in mind that influence isn’t all about reach — it’s about creative content as well. There are a number of reasons why influencers are a much better (and more cost-effective) solution for creative digital marketing content.


When you find an influencer reaching your target audience, take a look at the content they produce. The content is likely to appeal to your target audience while remaining unique and creative. If you find an influencer who is already reaching your target audience with the content they generate, you can feel comfortable trusting they know what to do. Step back and give them room to be creative.


What type of content can influencers create?


Influencers can create anything! From freelance articles to images to graphics to reviews, influencers have the potential to create all kinds of content tailored to your brand.


Popular Options Include:



Social media revolves around images and visual content. A successful influencer will be familiar with creating artistic photos and graphics. They know how to design an image that is appealing to your target audience and stands out on a social media feed.



Many influencers know how to take stunning photographs. Give them your product and let them get creative with backgrounds, lighting and effects. While professional product photo shoots are nice for featuring products exactly the way you see them, handing the creative license over to an influencer will show the product through their eyes. Their photos tend to look more like your customers’ lives, making it easier for them to imagine your product in their homes.



Video content on social media is becoming more and more popular. It’s necessary for brands to have great video content. You may think this means spending a lot of money on equipment, hiring a professional, and coming up with something generic and commercialized — something that seems more like a TV commercial than your friend’s Instagram post. The audience doesn’t want this. Just like with photos, they want to see something authentic – even if it’s less scripted.


Product Reviews

Speaking of authentic, influencers love providing product reviews. Their audience trusts them to be truthful, and talk about how they really feel about the product. A generic “This product is great! This product is designed to do X, Y and Z. This product does X, Y and Z very well…” type of post just won’t have the same ring of authenticity. Don’t be alarmed if the influencer mentions both pros and cons in their review. An influencer who points out both will be more genuine and helpful to the audience without dissuading them from purchasing.


Important: Tell Influencers What You Want


Be specific about what you want from influencers. If you want a certain word count, specific image types, a video… make sure to communicate this to the influencer before hiring. If you want the rights to use their content as marketing material, be sure to add it to your terms from the very beginning — otherwise, the content still belongs to the influencer.





Notice that Molly’s Craft Brand will have the rights to distribute the material for their own marketing purposes, which — as we said previously — is very important when hiring an influencer. They were also very specific about image sizes. If you plan to share the images across social media, figure out what dimensions you need and request it in your opportunity. (Here’s a helpful cheat sheet for image sizes.)


After hiring, sit back and relax!


There are many benefits to hiring influencers to create marketing content, and the Fresh Press Media platform makes it simple and saves you time. So, once you hire them, kick back and let the influencers do what they do best.