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Don’t Stop Earning Just Because Your Gig is Complete

What steps do you take once your gig is approved and you’ve been paid for an opportunity? You might be thinking something like, “I cash my check! My obligation is complete.” It might be true that your responsibilities end the moment you hit publish, but only if you’re looking to knock down a multitude of one-off campaigns. If you do nothing more after this point in the process you will rob yourself of both time and money in the future. While the bulk of your work is finished, the most important work is yet to be done.

Every time you enter into a partnership with a brand you spend a good portion of time getting to know them. You also spend a good amount of time developing content to introduce them to your community. A one-time introduction doesn’t build much of a relationship. Isn’t that what you’re in the business of doing? Fostering a long-term relationship between the brand and your community will save you time, as well as create a steady stream of income.

Implement these 4 steps AFTER you hit publish on your next Influencer Marketing opportunity to keep the conversation going.

  1. Create a Media Report – Copy and paste all of your blog and social media links pertaining to the opportunity into a spreadsheet. Create columns to track your metrics on each link, such as reach, comments, likes, and shares. Tracking this information will help you determine the success of the opportunity, as well as your value when bidding on future campaigns.
  2. Follow Up with the Brand – Don’t keep all that valuable information to yourself! Let the brand know how much your community loved them. Follow up with the brand in 30, 60, & 90 days to let them know how well their sponsored content is performing.
  3. Join the Affiliate Program – You likely provided links to the products or services you promoted. Why limit your earnings to the paid placement? Join their affiliate program and add an affiliate link to your sponsored content. This way you will continue to earn each time someone makes a purchase through your recommendation.
  4. Send a Pitch! – Now that you’ve developed a working relationship with the brand you can confidently pitch them a new idea. Don’t wait for them to circle back around to you. Find a need that you can help them meet and send them your campaign idea.

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