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Influence Matters Podcast, Episode #3


Getting To Know Your Influencer Partners


Hiring the right influencers requires research, communication and defining realistic goals. As influencer marketing continues to expand, the variety of influencers grows as well. Influencers range from micro to mega. Some have little engagement, while others have very engaged, responsive audiences, even if their reach is smaller. With such a variety of influencers to choose from, how do you know who is the best fit for you?

We’ll help you narrow down the possibilities and give you some ways to evaluate who will be the best fit for your brand.

On today’s podcast, we hear more from Rachel Honoway, an Affiliate Marketing Legend with a long history in the affiliate space and campaign management. Also, Amy Powell (our resident blogger and Influencer Engagement Specialist) is here to share some insights from the influencer’s perspective, including warning signs that an influencer is not the right fit for you. For the entrepreneurs in our audience, Rachel wraps us up at the end with tips for starting a business.


(Don’t have time to listen right now? Scroll down for a summary and key points.)


Key Points:


  • When researching influencers, open up their blog and social media profiles to learn more information about them and their community. How are they engaging with their community? Are their social media posts getting attention?
  • Think long-term when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers can be great long-term partners. These are often called “brand ambassadors”, and much like your staff, they are really passionate about what you do and why you do it and they can speak intelligently about your products.
  • These relationships are a great way to keep an open channel. When you have new products or features, a sale or news you want to share, it’ll flow naturally out to that audience through the influencer.




ˆMost bloggers and social media influencers are open books – they are honest and raw with their readers – that’s how they’ve built their following.” – Rachel Honoway

“It’s really important to research your influencers prior to entering a partnership. Who is their target audience? Does it align with yours? What type of content are they posting? Is that how you want to be represented?” – Amy Powell

“Long-term relationships are a great way to keep an open channel between your brand and that influencer’s readers and followers. When you have new products or features, a sale or news you want to share, it’ll flow naturally out to that audience through the influencer.” – Rachel Honoway


3 Random Tips for Starting A Business from Rachel Honoway


  • Zero competition is a red flag
  • Choose a market with competitors, which allows you to step into a pool of waiting customers, instead of having to build the pool and fill it up yourself.
  • The best ideas come from a need, not a skill or an ability. Look at what you need that you haven’t been able to find a suitable product or service — or one that you’ve found that’s okay, but could be so much better.