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Influencer Marketing Days 2017 Recap


I had the opportunity to attend Influencer Marketing Days 2017 in New York last week. IMD is a 2-day conference providing speakers from around the world providing the latest trends, data and insights into influencer marketing today. I was able to attend some great sessions that provided helpful knowledge about the state of influencer marketing. Although there were many fantastic sessions, I’ve chosen just a couple to recap this time.


“Influencer Marketing is Broken…But We Can Still Fix It” by Kevin Knight, Experticity CMO


One notable session was Kevin Knight from Experticity, called “Influencer Marketing is Broken, But We Can Still Fix It”. (Follow Kevin on Twitter) Kevin went on to describe how powerful influencer marketing becomes when you hire experts or content authorities to write about a subject. He stated there are different types of influencers ranging from those who give advice (experts) to tastemakers (those who provide inspiration).


He focused on the “experts” category, identifying them as a more powerful source of influence than sponsored athletes or brand ambassadors. These experts have built trust in a specific niche, and provide quality advice about products and gear that consumers are searching for. A helpful takeaway from this session is that when you’re looking for influencers, consider hiring trusted experts in your niche instead of focusing on reach.




“Activating Influencers: The Mistakes We Shouldn’t Be Making” by Gil Eyal, HYPR CEO


Gil Eyal, CEO of HYPR, shared about “Activating Influencers: The Mistakes We Shouldn’t Be Making”. (Follow Gil on Twitter) One key mistake he highlighted was that advertisers often target celebrities or other well-known influencers with a large fan or follower base — regardless of whether the influencer is reaching their target market.  He also discussed how audience data is more important than aesthetics, citing an example of a beauty brand hiring Kate Upton to promote cosmetics. Their mistake was not realizing her huge audience is mostly male and likely not interested in purchasing the brand’s cosmetics.


This was an interesting take away, considering that many advertisers in the Marketplace initially want to focus on the influencer’s reach without paying close enough attention to their audience demographic. Gil explaining the benefits of hiring micro-influencers. He stated that if they are targeting the right audience, they can provide greater ROI than hiring celebrities.



“State of the Creator Economy” by Ryan Schram, IZEA COO


Another session I particularly enjoyed was Ryan Schram from IZEA’s “State of the Creator Economy” keynote speech. (Follow Ryan on Twitter) Ryan shared that influencer marketing is increasing in exposure and is now seen as a legitimate form of marketing. He also pointed out that two-thirds of advertisers who use influencer marketing have a dedicated budget for it. This is interesting as we see many advertisers in the Marketplace pulling from their affiliate marketing budget as they do not have a standalone budget for influencers.



He also shared that the most effective type of influencer content is “quick and visual”. (Think graphics, short videos, etc.) When you’re hiring an influencer to create content, keep this in mind and be sure to specify exactly what you’re looking for.


Networking Opportunity


IMD also provided a networking opportunity called “Drinks with Strangers”. We met downstairs at District Social on W 37th Street. The downstairs provided a nice venue to grab some drinks, unwind and get to know our fellow conference attendees.


Upcoming Conferences


Missed this conference? There are more coming! We’ll be attending Type-A Parent this week (Oct 5-6), as well as Affiliate Summit West from January 7-9 in Las Vegas. If you’d like to meet up with us at either of those conferences, shoot us an email at support@freshpress.media.