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3 Ways Influencer Marketing Will Develop in 2019


Last week, we shared some thoughts on influencer marketing best practices during 2018. With November here and the new year around the corner, it’s a good time to prepare for 2019. We’ve shared a few predictions and thoughts below on where the industry is likely to head during the next year.

Of course, some predictions are harder to nail down, but these trends are on the rise and likely to continue growing.

Here are some of the hottest topics for the future of influencer marketing:


Sponsored Video Content


Video has been growing in 2018 and is expected to continue to increase during the next year. According to Social Report, “65% of ad impressions on Instagram were the result of video content.” YouTube and Instagram are popular platforms for hosting video-based content.

Influencers who don’t focus heavily on video content will likely want to incorporate more of it into their channels. Not only will it increase engagement from the audience, but it can enhance their appeal to brands looking to sponsor video content.


Better ROI Tracking Abilities


Since the inception of influencer marketing, a significant pain point has been tracking ROI. Brands have struggled to justify large spends on influencer marketing when they can’t access the data to back it up. Additionally, a lack of detailed tracking capabilities leaves the advertiser blind in regards to where the best place to spend money in the future is. This problem leads to vague campaign goals such as “building brand awareness,” making it harder to define a successful campaign.

With the growth of influencer marketing, however, these tracking capabilities have increased. They will continue to grow as brands demand the ability to track campaigns more accurately. Sources such as Linkfluence recommend adding UTM parameters or assigning unique coupon codes. Influencer marketing platforms such as Webfluential offer interactive tracking and reporting for influencers on many channels.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a growing part of all digital marketing, and influencers are no exception. AI offers multiple solutions to brands looking to research and hire the best influencers. According to Single Grain, “True AI platforms move beyond image processing and analyze years of influencer content in order to determine the topics and brands that influencers are talking about, audience sentiment, aesthetic style and, most importantly, how effective their content is at driving traffic, engagement and product sales.”

However, there is no fear that AI will replace the human-centric nature of influencer marketing. The same article states that while AI will help brands make informed decisions, they still rely on the element of human creativity and strategy.

What else is on the horizon?


These are 3 of the most significant opportunities for growth for influencer marketing in 2019. What are some other trends you’ve noticed on the horizon? Now is an excellent time to research new tools and strategies to make sure you stay current with your campaigns. Write down some ways these areas can improve your influencer marketing strategy.

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