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Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow in 2018


Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity. Even during the past year (October 2017-2018), the topic of influencer marketing has significantly increased, according to Google Trends. With this growth, it has evolved as well and developed new trends that brands should be aware of as they run campaigns.


One trend is the growth of Instagram as an influencer platform. A roundup by eMarketer states that 78% of influencers prefer Instagram, which may not be a surprise to brands in certain verticals. Fashion and food are very popular and lend themselves well to aesthetics and image-heavy platforms like Instagram, which translate well into influencer marketing.


It’s no surprise that the information from Creator.ai tells us the top three niches in influencer marketing are fashion, health and travel. However, even if your brand doesn’t fit exactly into one of these categories, influencer marketing is growing in popularity for many other categories as well.


Check out the image below for more information:


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