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Katie’s Interview:

How did you first become interested in blogging? How did you get started?

Blogging has been an excellent way to have a conversation with people from all of the world. I decided to start a blog as a hobby, in hopes of just telling a story and meeting other bloggers/writers. I first got started about 5 years ago with a small BlogSpot blog where I shared DIY projects and stories about the kiddos, and it just grew from there.

How did you find your writing voice and develop your personal brand?

I am not sure I have found it yet! Ha! I know people think of the word “authentic” as such as millennial word but I think it is the perfect word to describe what I do. I love to be transparent in my writing, add in some wit and the occasional dose of sarcasm, and just let readers know that life is never perfect and we are all just doing the best we can. I feel readers respond well to real life.

What was your favorite project while working with an advertiser? What made it a successful partnership?

I have had so many! I think one of my favorite has been the relationship I developed with Extended Stay America through Fresh Press Media. I have completed 5 campaigns for them now and working with them has allowed me to travel and enjoy experiences in Chicago, Virginia, and Orlando, plus get the word out about their Give Hope Campaign which helps children battling pediatric cancers. The successful partnership is a result of open and honest communication, and putting my very best foot forward for them. When working with brands I NEVER sit back and say, “Ok, they want two social shares so that is all they are getting.” I share ANYTHING I think will be of value to the brand and my readers, and if that means double or even triple the social shares that the brand asked for, that is what happens. Extended Stay has been very generous with me as a result of going above and beyond and I am grateful.

How has Fresh Press Media helped you develop successful, long-term brand partnerships?

One thing I love about Fresh Press Media is the brands don’t do a campaign and disappear. They come back and offer more campaigns so you can reapply and develop a relationship with them. Because these brand relationships are so important, I appreciate this! The constant care and support from the Fresh Press Media staff is also a plus, as they are always transparent, quick to respond to questions, and go above and beyond to bring excellent advertisers to their bloggers.

Katie Femia

Katie Femia

The Homespun Hydrangea

Katie is a thirty something year old Midwest mom of three, blogger, published YA author, and sushi addict. She loves turning trash into treasure, beach combing, and exploring hidden gems all over the country. Katie believes everyone has a creative side, and she’s passionate about bringing it out in people!