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How to Use the Instagram Shopping Feature for Influencer Marketing


Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing. Their image-focused layout provides an ideal platform to showcase products. Fashion and beauty brands can feature outfits and makeup looks, and travel brands can sponsor stunning destination photos. These Instagram accounts build thousands (sometimes millions) of followers, who can quickly scroll and conveniently engage with the influencer and the brand.

They’ve rolled out new features in the past that add fun, new ways for the influencer’s audience to engage. Polls and questions encourage interaction with the audience and provide a glimpse into how many people engage with the posts. Stories and Instagram Live have also grown in popularity, drowning out Snapchat in terms of ephemeral content as well.


What Is Shopping For Instagram?


The significant feature you may have seen lately on Instagram is the shopping feature. This feature allows users the ability to shop directly within Instagram stories, or under the “explore” tab on the dashboard. Users will be inspired to learn more about their favorite products and will have everything they need to purchase at their fingertips. You’ll be able to tag up to 5 products in a post, or up to 20 per carousel. This feature allows brands to showcase multiple products and appeal to different styles or audiences within a single post.

After clicking the product, users will be able to view the details and click a link to land on the brand’s website to purchase. Brands can also include product stickers within their Instagram stories, to promote products for easy shopping access.

Instagram is currently testing the shopping in the “Explore” feature, where they’ll display personalized shopping content. They’ll base this off users who have shown an interest in shopping on Instagram previously.


Favorite Tips for Instagram Stories:


What are Instagram’s best tips for using this feature? We’ve included our two favorite tips below, but you can view the rest on their information page here: Shopping on Instagram


Feature more than one product in your posts for higher engagement—while not overly crowding with tags

Instagram recommends featuring multiple products in your posts. Since they allow up to 5 per post, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase items appealing to various tastes and styles within the same post. It’s interesting they point out not overly crowding with tags, as well — keep this in mind as you strategize ways to boost engagement on your posts.


Customize the text color on product stickers to complement your visual creative

Instagram has included the ability to customize colors on your product stickers. This ability allows influencers and marketers room for creativity. It also gives users the ability to feature products using the platform that still match their product’s design and branding.


Get Started Today


If you haven’t tried Instagram products yet, now is a great time to jump in. Hiring influencers who are well-experienced with Instagram’s features will be helpful. These influencers are likely already familiar with the platform’s best features and will know the best way to engage with your target audience.

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