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We are excited to announce the addition of Publisher Toolkit to the Fresh Press Media Marketplace! The toolkit will provide you with even more ways to earn income on your blog and through your social media profiles. You now have access to the tools you need to simplify your affiliate marketing strategy. Manage your relationships and access links, content, and reports for thousands of programs across the top affiliate networks all in one place.

How Does it Work? Check out these 4 simple steps…

1. Discover New Brand Partners

The Merchant Hub is your one-stop-shop to locate and partner with new Merchants and Brands. Search our directory of thousands of merchants to learn where to become affiliated, grab links, logos, or screenshots, and share current deals with your community. The Hub is tied to YOUR unique accounts with each network so you can easily see which programs you belong to and how you’re connected.

2. Build Commissionable Links

Use the deep link builder or our simplified Bookmarklet to build monetized links to any product or merchant pages across the internet. Did you just buy that perfect pair of shoes on sale that you’ve been eyeing for months now? Don’t keep it all to yourself! Quickly build a commissionable link right from the product page to share with your community.

3. Find and Share Deals

Add links to your new and existing content or share deals across your social accounts. The toolkit makes it easy by allowing you to save your favorite brands and merchants to receive deal updates straight to your inbox! No need to login to a dozen different networks, search through programs and figure out which links hold the deals. Access them all in the Deal Bank. Every deal includes an affiliate link. The only downside is the temptation to shop the deals yourself.

4. Get Paid on Purchases Made through Your Referrals

When someone makes a purchase through your referral, earn commissions on all your monetized links built through the toolkit. There’s a potential to earn commissions when you link to a merchant, share a deal, or suggest a product. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

Two Ways to Get Paid

Whether you stick with your free account that includes our Fresh Press Media rev-share links, or you upgrade to add your own network IDs, all of the links in your Toolkit can be monetized. If a Brand or Merchant isn’t part of our rev-share program we will tell you the network where you can apply and join the program directly. Either way, you have multiple options and tons of earning potential.

  1. Fresh Press Media Rev-Share Links – We have joined thousands of networks and programs so you don’t have to. Each link you build and share will be connected to your Fresh Press Media FREE account. When a purchase is made through one of your referrals, we’ll split the commission with you! You will receive 80% and we will keep 20%. Every Merchant and link is marked to indicate how you’re connected.
  2. Connect Your Own Network IDs – Earn the full commission from your sales through each affiliate network by joining programs and connecting your own Network IDs. The links you build will include your affiliate ID, tracking clicks, and sales just like other affiliate links. Get started for as little as $9.99 / month.

There’s more…

Track Your Network Transactions in One Place

Not only have we streamlined your affiliate workflow, we’ve made it even easier for you to track your transactions. Instead of logging into each affiliate network to check your earnings, login once and see all of your affiliate commissions across all supported networks in one place. Your free account includes all the transactions made through your Fresh Press Media Rev-Share ID. Upgrade your account to the Lite level to connect two more networks for just $9.99 / month. Need more network connections? No problem! Click here to learn more about the package that’s right for you.