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When you set out to become a blogger you really don’t know what doors will be opened for you. This is an unpaid gig and something you began as a passion because you have something to share. Your knowledge is powerful and priceless. Be sure you know your value when brands come to you.

You have to decide what your worth is. Will you post free PR just to get your blog exposure? Will you put a price tag on advertising? How do you value yourself?

Even though you are just starting out you still have a value in the blogging community.

There are some bloggers that have put in years of hard work and building relationships, that now allows them a full-time blogging income. This is not always the case. You will work hard, sometimes you will feel that nobody reads your site. However, don’t give up and keep doing the best you can for your blog.

How do you put a value on your blog?

    1. Social Media is the first way to grow traffic and readers. More traffic equals higher numbers and more brands that will want to work with you. Reach and UMV’s (unique monthly visitors) will play a huge role when working with brands. Treat building these numbers on social media like a full-time job. Find two or three social media channels that work well for your site for maximum exposure. For example, if you have a DIY site it’s a no brainer that Pinterest is the best for you. If you have a travel site Instagram and Twitter work really well. It’s about finding the avenue that engages with what you are sharing.


    1. One of the most powerful ways to influence your online success is to have support from other bloggers. Join a network or community with the same niche as you. Instead of seeing other blogs as competition look at them as allies. You can learn a lot and they will help open doors. Fellow Bloggers can help by supporting you on social media, providing sound advice when you’re stuck, or being supportive and encouraging.


    1. Don’t stress over google analytics, it takes years for some sites to be seen on google. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of your blogging career, there are plenty of other ways to show your reach to brands.


    1. Keep your posting consistent, at least once per day when you are starting out. If you don’t have a new post, circulate old posts on social media. This will keep readers engaged and new readers will find you.


    1. Your blog is your personal brand you have spent valuable time, not to mention money, on to grow and build it. Look at it as a business and present yourself in a business manner when talking to brands. Don’t pitch a brand when you first meet them, develop a relationship. They will respect you more for that.


    1. After all, you have put into building your blog don’t promote products, brands or companies without some compensation. They are looking for your creative voice to help reach potential clients. A brand wouldn’t walk into a marketing or PR firm and ask for a campaign for free, and you shouldn’t give your creativity and reach away for free.


Don’t sell yourself short and publish or promote things for free just because you think it will get you an “In” so to speak. Know your worth and never settle for less.

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