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Pricing StructureMarketplace Pricing In A Nutshell


We pride ourselves on transparency in everything we do. That includes pricing. We want you to understand what you’re paying for and how you’re paying for it. You may be expecting some intricate system with lots of hidden costs — but we hope you’ll see it’s actually a simple structure that benefits advertisers in multiple ways.


Why are we different?


We believe all advertisers, large and small, should have an equal opportunity to find influencers to work with. We don’t believe in charging hefty fees and tiresome monthly subscriptions in the Marketplace. We’d rather see the bulk of the money go to the influencer, and see the advertiser be pleased with the results — with enough money in the budget to come back for more!


How does the pricing structure benefit me?


That philosophy led us to create our unique pricing structure. Our prices include no subscription fees. The bulk of the $250 deposit is your budget for paying influencers — we only keep a portion of that in usage fees (more on that below!). Paying for what you use,  instead of flat fees or subscriptions, accommodates all budgets, large and small. (Plus, we kept the deposit very low — often $250 to get started..)


Flexibility where it matters


To offer the most benefit to advertisers, we offer customizable payment options. You can pay with:

  • A placement fee. When you pay an influencer a placement fee, our fee is 20% of what you pay them. So, if they charge $100, we’ll collect $120 and send $100 of that to the influencer
  • A product sent to the influencer for review. When you opt to send an influencer a product to review, our fee is $5.
  • Commissions paid via your affiliate program to Fresh Press Media. (Note that this MUST be combined with either a product or a placement fee – no “commission only” payments.) You’ll pay us just like you do a regular affiliate. We’ll take the commissions and split them 80/20 with the influencer.
  • A combination of any or all three!


Here are some examples:


A company selling environmentally-friendly cleaning products launched an opportunity offering placement fee, commission and products combined. They offered generous commission as well as the influencer’s choice of products:

Another company selling coffee pods also launched an opportunity combining an open-bid placement fee (recommended for most advertisers) with product and commission. Influencers were also offered a variety of products to choose from.

Product values, commission rates and placement fees can all vary depending on the advertiser. This is helpful when hiring a variety of influencers interested in working for different methods of payment.

We also offer flexibility in terms of how you pay. The easiest and most popular form of payment for advertisers is to simply pay with a credit card, which you can do directly within your dashboard. If this option isn’t ideal for you, we also offer the ability to pay via network bonus, check, or bank transfer.


Why can’t I choose commissions as the only payment form?


Though we’re happy to offer the ability to pay commissions, we are not an affiliate network. Influencers typically operate in a different manner than traditional affiliates for a couple reasons.


First, we’re convinced that we can help close the gap between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. But, we think it’s going to take both sides making some compromises. On the influencer side, they are used to getting pretty hefty placement fees. Many of them are willing to give up the bulk of that in return for long-term commission earning possibilities… but it certainly helps them make that leap when advertisers can offer something up front. That could be a product to review or a small placement fee. We’ve seen as little as $5 work as a good faith gesture from the advertiser to the influencer.


There is also much more to be gained from influencers in terms of brand awareness, social engagement, email signups or web traffic. Influencers have spent years building their platform — so rather than just paying for sales, you are paying for relationships. The audience is given a very personal look into the influencer’s everyday life, fostering a connection between the two parties. Your brand’s image and reputation can greatly benefit from the loyalty and trust you won’t get with an average affiliate or coupon site.


Give it a try!


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