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Advertisers in our marketplace will be happy to know that we’re working on several improvements to their interface. These changes will be rolling out over the next few weeks. If you’re an advertiser with us, you’ll want to check out the newest update which gives you easier access to interactions you’ve had with Influencers throughout the life of the Opportunity.

Where to View the Latest Update

Login in to Fresh Press Media account, and navigate to a Campaign and then choose an Opportunity to view.

filter byBy default, the first thing you will see is Pending Bids. This is a list of all of the Influencers who have placed a bid that you’ve yet to accept or reject.

Now – you’ll have the option to filter for other lists (as shown on the right). These include:

  • Pending Bids (the default view)
  • Rejected Bids
  • Approved Bids (aka “Gigs”)

As with the Influencers on the Pending Bid list, you can now easily access Influencers who’s bids you’ve accepted and rejected. Simply click on their name to view:

  • Their profile and Media Kit
  • Their bid amount
  • Their bid/gig status
  • The full activity log and message thread you’ve had with them regarding the Opportunity

3 Ways to Take Advantage of this Update

Easy access to the interactions you’ve every Influencer who has had an interest in working on your campaign opens some great opportunities for you to find ways to work with more influencers in more ways.

Here are three ways you can put the new features to work for you:

1 – Simply reach out to Influencers you’ve rejected. Suggest a bid amount that you think is appropriate and invite them to re-bid. To do this, sort the list by “Rejected”, click on a profile and then click the “View Conversation” button to view the message thread and send a new message.

2 – Let the Influencers with Pending bids know why you haven’t accepted or rejected them yet. Is it budget? Is it testing? Do you have a long list of bids that you need time to clear? Take a few minutes to shoot them a message so that they don’t feel forgotten or lost in the shuffle. They’ve taken an interest in working with you, even if they aren’t a good fit now, you want to keep the connection for future opportunities.

3 – Review the bids you’ve Rejected or those that are still Pending. Is there another way you could work with some or all of them? Maybe they don’t fit your blog post Opportunity, but could they help you generate buzz by sending a tweet that you prepare for a set fee, like $5? Come up with a new Opportunity, set it up in the campaign and then message the Influencers in the Pending and Rejected lists with a link to view the Opportunity and submit their bid.

More Coming Soon

We’re working on some more updates to the Advertiser interface – so stay tuned for further updates!