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Payments on all opportunities you participate in are guaranteed. We collect the funds before the advertiser can even bring you into a campaign – so if you do the work, the money will get added to your account. No invoicing and no chasing payments.

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The veryyyyy best part? Once the brand approves your final submitted URL, your payment is available. No waiting 45 days or 60 days after a campaign ends.

Kaelah Beauregarde

This Charming Life

Build Your Profile with
Multiple Sites and Around
Multiple Niches

We know you’re not one-dimensional, so we allow you to connect multiple sites and even define multiple spheres of influence for all of the niches your life touches.

Connect multiple blogs and social media profiles. We’ll pull in your stats from Google Analytics and most major social media platforms, keeping them up to date day-by-day.

Get Your Business Out of Your Inbox

Get your business out of your inbox. Connect with advertisers without an avalanche of email to keep up with.

While working with Fresh Press Media I have found brands that want a continual partnership, tons of support, and an active, transparent community where bloggers can most definitely grow.

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The Homespun Hydrangea

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