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How do I motivate influencers to effectively drive affiliate sales?


Hybrid opportunities are the latest trend in influencer and affiliate marketing. Brands combine the creative content and engagement of influencer marketing with the conversions of affiliate marketing. Many influencers prefer to work for a flat fee, since they can be paid right away for the content they’ve produced. Not all influencers are motivated to continue to drive sales after the initial post; their focus is on content creation and bonding with their audience, and less about being pushy about sales.


So — as a brand, how do you incentivize these influencers to continue to drive sales?


1. Communicate your expectations up front


Many brands simply offer commissions and assume it will be enough to motivate the influencer to drive sales. Don’t assume that the commissions are worth it to the influencer. Communicate your expectations in advance to make sure they are interested and willing to work for commissions after the original content is posted.


2. Offer competitive commissions

Influencers create a large amount of content for one brand or campaign. This means they can’t quickly blast lots of coupon codes for discounts or sales out to their audience. So, to add meaning and value for the influencer, the commissions offered should be greater than you typically offer your affiliates.



3. Share deals and discounts


If your product is on the pricier side or harder to sell, don’t expect magic to happen without your help. Offer discounts, a bundle deal or a limited-time offer for the audience purchasing from the influencer. Without a special perk or a sense of urgency, many people may pass it by and then forget about it.


4. Educate the influencer


Are you familiar with the affiliate marketing space, but the influencer you hired isn’t? Share some tips that may help them as they adjust to combining their efforts with affiliate marketing. Invite them to join your affiliate program and send over any other information they may find useful to share with their audience.


5. Give their content some love


If you see an influencer has created a post and shared it on social media, give the content some love. Maximize the content’s exposure by sharing it across your own social media platforms. Not only does this give you a boost for the content you share, it helps  give the influencer some extra exposure. It also strengthens your connection with the influencer by showing you appreciate their content and value them as a partner.


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