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We’ve added a new feature to the bid management panel Fresh Press Media Marketplace for advertisers. You can now export bids, along with all associated data to a CSV file.

export bidsIf you only have a few bids on your opportunity, sorting through them is simple. But, we’ve found that most of our advertisers are getting more bids than they expected on their opportunities, making it a bit more difficult to choose their favorites.

Export Bids

So, we added the “Export to CSV” feature to simplify the process. When you export your bid data, you’ll get an Excel (or Google Sheets) file that contains:

  • Influencer’s name
  • The Bid amount
  • Blog URL
  • Monthly pageviews
  • Twitter URL
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number they follow on Twitter
  • Instagram URL
  • Number of Instagram followers
  • Number they follow on Instagram
  • Pinterest URL
  • Number of Pinterest followers, pins, boards, and likes
  • Number they follow on Pinterest

You can easily manipulate your spreadsheet to narrow down your top choices. Then, simply return to the bid management panel to accept the bids from the Influencers you most want to work with.

For those of you with active campaigns, we hope you enjoy this new feature! If you haven’t launched a campaign yet – get to it! Login, or create an account.