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Why You Should Offer Commissions to Influencers


Advertisers and agencies have the ability to customize their payment methods through Fresh Press Media. They can choose whether to compensate influencers via paid placement or a product giveaway, and combine commissions with either or both options. Many advertisers choose the default “paid placement/blog post” option, but it could be beneficial to also combine it with commissions.


Benefit #1: Encourage Reposting


The first benefit to combining with commissions is encouraging influencers to repost content and help promote signups or sales. With only a single sponsored post, there is a chance that after the influencer receives the payment earned for their content creation, it fades into history. This can happen if there is no further incentive to repost or encourage sales and traffic to the site. If the influencer receives a moderate placement fee and is offered substantial commissions for sales or signups, they are likely to repost content and share about your product more.


Benefit #2: Encourage Long-Term Relationships


Another benefit is that offering ongoing commissions encourages a long-term relationship. As we’ve mentioned before, advertisers should have this goal in mind when initiating a partnership. Working repeatedly with the same influencer who is reaching your target audience and converting sales is the best place to focus your attention.


The best way to do this is through a hybrid opportunity that offers both a paid placement as well as commissions. Many influencers, especially higher-tier ones, are reluctant to create and post content for commissions alone. Offering a respectable placement fee or a product giveaway as well as commissions creates a win-win scenario for both of you.


Will influencers want to work for commissions?


One thing to keep in mind is that not all influencers know how to perform like affiliates, and not all of them want to. Be sure to communicate your goals to the influencer before hiring them. Also, allow yourself time during the campaign to educate and assist the influencers with information about getting the most out of your affiliate links. You’ll get the best of both worlds: high quality content from a blog or social account reaching your target audience, as well as continued efforts to earn commissions like an affiliate.


Fresh Press Media also provides valuable tools to our influencers with its Publisher Toolkit. The Toolkit makes it easy and simple to create and share affiliate links as well. When you work with Marketplace influencers, you know they have access to the best tools to help them share your products.


How do I create an opportunity with commissions?


To create an opportunity offering commissions, simply select “commissions” as your payment option along with paid placement, product giveaway or both. Then, enter your affiliate program information. Fresh Press Media will join your affiliate program, supply you with affiliate links for the opportunity, and take care of any payouts due to the influencer. Commissions are split between Fresh Press Media and the influencer — we retain 20% and the influencer receives 80%.


What if I don’t have an affiliate program?


If you’re an advertiser without an affiliate program, you may want to consider getting your affiliate program running and offer commissions along with your next opportunity. Consider ShareASale for a low-cost, easy to setup program. Then, all you’ll need to do is make sure Fresh Press Media is joined to your program and you’ll be ready to get started!


For other popular affiliate networks, please visit this page: http://freshpress.media/publisher-toolkit/ and scroll to the bottom.