“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A.A. Milne


Product Lines DO Grow On Trees!


A single advertiser can have multiple (unlimited, actually) product lines, and under each product line they can launch multiple opportunities, all with the same $250! If you don’t consider yourself a virtual Martha Stewart and are wondering how to best organize your campaigns to attract influencers, you should consider taking advantage of product lines.


How Can I Optimize My Campaign?


Think of it as a folder organizing system. On your computer, you might have this:



With a product line system, it translates into this:



Focus on One Thing at a Time


Each time you run an opportunity, you’ll focus on the particular goals of that product line. The product line gives context for the type of influencer you’re looking for. A wedding influencer will immediately be attracted to the “Engagement & Wedding Bands” product line, while a lifestyle blogger who posts about special needs or an influencer in the healthcare field may look for opportunities under the “Medical ID Bracelets” product line.


Attract a Variety of Influencers


Featuring different highlights of what your brand can offer is a great way to attract a variety of influencers. When this happens, influencers can feel excited to produce content for your brand without compromising or posting off-topic content their audiences will ignore. It also helps attract a wider variety of consumers to check out your website or make purchases.


Someone who is looking for a birthday present “for him” may not check out a jewelry store at first. However, when a potential consumer sees a gift guide featuring high-end tie clips or watches, they might be more likely to visit your site and make a purchase.


Create Margins for Content


Creating product lines helps narrow the focus for the influencer. Product lines create certain boundaries for the content you’re looking for, which helps you get exactly what you want.


If Mary’s Fashion wants a series of “gift guide” blog posts linking to your product, create a “Mary’s Fashion Accessories Gift Guide” product line. In the opportunities under this product line, Mary’s Fashion could offer links to a “gifts” or “accessories” section on their website. Now the influencer has an idea of the margins they should stay between for their posts.


Speed Up the Process


Importantly, organizing product lines into specific “themes” helps influencers know right away if your opportunity is a good fit for them. Rather than bidding on a generic “Blog Post about Fashion Website”  under the product line “Fashion Website”, they can know exactly what you want. 

Knowing what you expect allows the influencer to evaluate whether or not they’re able and willing to produce it. This helps prevent an influencer from later realizing they a) aren’t really sure what you’re looking for and produce sub-optimal content, or b) realize your opportunity isn’t a good fit and keep you waiting indefinitely.


Tying It All Together


Advertisers must have a clear vision of what they’re looking for before they create an opportunity. This makes it easier to create specific product lines, get better results from influencers, and also evaluate more quickly whether an influencer is a good fit. Channel your inner housekeeping skills and organize those product lines!


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