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For any of our advertisers looking to manage product reviews with influencers, we’ve now added product compensation to the marketplace. If you’ve been in the Marketplace over the last month, you’ve noticed we have made a lot of changes to help you develop amazing campaign opportunities for influencers.

New Feature: Product Compensation

compensationAmong those changes is the addition of “Product” as an option for compensation methods. Previously, you had placement fee or “hybrid” (a combo of placement fee and commission). Now, your options will be:

  • Placement Fee
  • Commission/Hybrid (any time commissions are involved, you do still have to include a placement fee)
  • Product

You can mix and match as you see fit. Offer to provide a product and a placement fee. Offer up a product for review, a small “go live” placement fee, and ongoing commission to encourage the blogger to keep promoting the post.

When you choose “Product” as part of the compensation package, you’ll be given the chance to tell prospective influencers a little bit about the product and its value:


When influencers bid on your product-compensated opportunities, they’ll have the chance to provide their preferences if you asked for them (ie: I’d like to review the red one, I need a size Medium, etc). They’ll also be able to provide you with their mailing address so that there is no back-and-forth needed once you accept their bid.

New Pricing

Along with this update, we’ve released new rates for product-compensated gigs in the marketplace. Previously posted rates were 20% of the value of the product awarded, with a minimum $5 fee, and a maximum $50 fee per Gig. We’ve changed that to a flat $5 fee for each product awarded.

Launch a Product Review Campaign Opportunity

The new choices in compensation models will easily allow you to launch an opportunity for influencers to receive and review your product. Login to create your campaign today: http://app.freshpress.media