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Publisher Toolkit is Migrating to FMTC


We have an exciting announcement regarding Publisher Toolkit, currently a part of Fresh Press Media. To better serve you, we will soon be migrating Toolkit over to our partner company, FMTC. After June 15, 2018, you’ll be able to access all of your subscription features at toolkit.fmtc.co.


Our Publisher Toolkit works best as a solution for small publishers and bloggers looking for resources and to save time. This unique service provides valuable tools to make affiliate marketing easier for bloggers or publishers who are both new to the affiliate space and those looking to monetize a blog for the first time. Publishers can find resources to help them quickly build links, partner with brands and merchants who are the best fit for you, stay up-to-date by receiving alerts for new deals to share, and more.


Subscription Features


If you’ve never used Publisher Toolkit before, it may be worthwhile to review the list of features and benefits included with a subscription. Publisher Toolkit has subscription levels ranging from free to enterprise, and you can sign up any time you wish.


Your subscription features will include the ability to:


  • Search over 11,000 merchants for their affiliate links
  • Instantly build monetized links with our Bookmarklet
  • Receive daily deal alerts for 1-100 merchants
  • Access consolidated performance reports


Continue Using Fresh Press Media as an Influencer


If you primarily use Fresh Press Media as an influencer without Publisher Toolkit access, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to log in to Fresh Press Media as an influencer with the same account credentials — you won’t lose access to any of your bids or gigs on paid opportunities. You’ll be able to use the Publisher Toolkit features to build links to include in your Fresh Press Media sponsored content as well.


If you have any questions regarding your account or subscription, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at kimberly@fmtc.co. I’m happy to assist you with anything I can and am looking forward to helping you reach your affiliate publishing goals.