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How can an influencer marketing course benefit advertisers?


Despite areas of crossover, influencer marketing differs from affiliate marketing in multiple ways. Many Fresh Press Media Advertisers have a background in the affiliate space but are still grasping concepts of influencer marketing. If you’re looking for influencers to promote your brand, it’s quite beneficial to gain a thorough understanding of how to best approach influencers. This will help improve results from your campaigns and minimize trial-and-error.


Perhaps your knowledge of influencer marketing has expanded gradually over the years and you are looking for a quick way to fill in the gaps. Maybe you’ve picked up an extensive amount of information in a short period of time and want to get back to the basics as well as brush up on the latest trends. Either way, Geno Prussakov’s Lynda course is a beneficial tool for educating yourself on the subject of Influencer Marketing. If your goal is to broaden your knowledge but need a specific place to start, I highly recommend using this course as your first step.


What will the course teach me?

After completing it, you will be able to:


  • Identify types of influencers that best fit your brand
  • Know how to conduct influencer outreach
  • Be aware of important information about disclosures
  • Know how to measure and analyze influencer campaigns
  • Have knowledge on many more valuable details


During the course, you’ll receive a thorough explanation of how influencer marketing works, how it has increased in popularity, and some best practices for this particular marketing structure. If you’re unsure about different types of influencers (micro- and macro-influencers, brand advocates and unhappy customers) this course will clear things up and highlight which type of influencers would be best for your brand to work with.


How effective is influencer marketing?


A hot topic addressed is the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Many advertisers and agencies are hesitant to invest much in influencer marketing because of tracking and reporting difficulties. Do influencers really make a difference, and is the content worth the spend? You’ll be provided with helpful resources from studies showing how to track ROI including how to maximize your investment by hiring the right influencers for you.


What is the average paid placement or commission?


This course also covers another interesting topic: average pricing for compensation. With a range of influencers from micro to mega, you will often see just as wide a range of bids on your opportunity. There’s no “set rate” in the Marketplace, so how do you reach that perfect balance of paying enough (but not too much) while getting a quality influencer who will give exceptional results? Knowing average prices for compensation comes in handy. Sure, it may not apply in every situation, but it’s convenient to have a reference point.


Will it take up much of my time?


While the course is indeed educational, it is kept short and sweet — which is nice for an introduction. If you want to do further research, the course ends with recommendations of outside resources where you can learn more about topics introduced in the course. It’s an excellent starting point for beginners as well as a refresher for influencer marketing veterans.


Where can I access it?

This influencer marketing course (and a library of many other useful courses for marketers and entrepreneurs) is available through
Lynda. It won’t take up much of your time (total run time is 73 minutes) and you can skip certain sections if necessary, or replay ones you’re more interested in. Don’t have time to drop everything and listen closely? Lynda offers a transcript which automatically scrolls through it as the video plays, or you can scroll through at your own pace. You can also sign up for a free trial if you’re not ready to commit to a subscription yet.


Who is the instructor?


Geno Prussakov is an international speaker, bestselling author and founder of Influencer Marketing Days and Affiliate Marketing Days conferences. More can be learned about Geno’s expert qualifications, awards and marketing experience here: